#44 - Matt Crouch

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Aug 25, 2013
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Little bit of an interview in the age

Who was your pick for the Rising Star award?

"I reckon Lewy Taylor. He's had a consistent year. But it's close between him and Marcus Bontempelli."

Who at your club sets the best example for young players?

"There's a few for me. Everyone in the leadership group has been good - Patrick Dangerfield, Rory Sloane, Scotty Thompson are the main ones for me being midfielders as well."

What's the first thing you would tell a kid in this year's draft to be ready for?

"It's a massive change. For me it was like going straight into a full time job, the committment is massive."

If you were on the AFL rules committee, what one thing would you change?

"Scrap the sub rule, get rid of it. It would be better to have everyone playing all day."

Who is your tip for next year's Rising Star?

"Liam Duggan, from the Western Jets. I went to school with him and he's a pretty good player. He'll go all right."


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Jul 14, 2006
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Sorry I think we have over paid here. Hopefully his well documented deficiencies can be ironed out and he can be a decent player for us .

Interesting to see how far he would have slid if we didn't have the bro thing going on
Looking through past postings this was one poster who was wrong in his assessment of Matty Crouch. He has turned out to be an elite player for us.


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Sep 25, 2005
Richmond, Vic.
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Very good pick for 23. We have done well here, and not just the brother factor (romantic I know)

Ranked at 15 on my overall list, he is an inside beast. A specialist. Will bulldoze and power under packs like a drillbit and then fire out that first clearance, usually by hand but can get the quick kick onto his boot. Will suit those wet weather, finals like games very very well when a footballers footballer comes to the fore. Nothing flash, nothing fancy. Has a genuine ballistic appetite for the leather. Will go all day, and will rack up monster numbers of the ball. Sets up plays and can still get involved on the outside. He will need to learn to spread better but given he wins so much of the ball, when he does, he will be a phenomenal player. Could be the type to rack up 40 every week once mature. Kicking is not flash, but is satisfactory for now. Will need to learn to weight his kicks and not kick floaters and learn to be balance when disposing of the footy. Can often bomb the ball blindly to nothing. Usually a result of being under immense pressure when disposing because he is always in such congestion. That can be coached, and I'm sure he will blossom there.

Defensively he can tackle well, but I'd like to see more hunger and want to defend the footy when not in his teams possession. That too can be coached. Has great size, very very good strength and will not be bullied. He will be the bully in time. He will hurt others who try and hit him with his hardness. Overhead he is satisfactory. Endurance is sound but will get better and better with AFL training.

Overall, the most complete inside mid in the draft. Genuine specialist at it. I'd compare him to a smaller version of Mundy or Duncan from the cats but with the inside power of Joel Selwood.
Incredibly spot on assessment


Jun 10, 2009
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