AFL 2017 - R7 - Port Adelaide v West Coast Eagles - 16:05 ACST, AO

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It only hurts because you know it's right.
And 68 Inside 50's to 38 says that you hung on.
And 70 less possessions and also being out-tackled says that you hung on with a fair slice of luck.
And 9 less clearances.
And 5 less scoring shots.
And 8 more clangers despite getting far less of the ball.
All suggest a very very big slice of luck.

That's why it hurts to lose. But all the best - enjoy the win. Winners are grinners, after all.

*noticed that WCE fans felt the need to quote the free kick count in their defence, yet get upset when the reverse happens 80% of the time*

Mate, not saying that we werent lucky. By every indication today except the scoreboard your mob were clearly the better side.

But in the end, we won by guts and effort in the face of overwhelming odds. Umpiring just wasnt a factor, which seems to be what everyone else is harping on about.

For once, heartless soft-***** like Masten and Redden actually cowboyed-up and and helped to drag us over the line when we really should have been dead and buried. The pervasive "lol umps" attitude on show from numerous posters is just straight-up wrong, as they didnt contribute to the result.

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As someone who hasn't paid attention is he really that bad?

We have had Pavlich commentate West Coast and I thought he was pretty good.
Yes - even worse was when he commentated on the Showdown. I mean, lets be honest, a Crows Board Member and someone who hates Port Adelaide so much that he punched on at the Ramsgate - to be commentating. Seriously?
It tells me that you're full shit. Is that what you mean?
I'm glad that you are finally getting to see what the rest of us have to put up with for the 80% of the time that WCE's get a lopsided free kick count.
So when you hang on to win in the face of pressure it's luck. When you batter a team from go to whoa it's flat track.

Please tell me the correct way you'd like to see teams win.
The correct way (and only way) to win is to score more.
Everything else is just opinion. And opinions are like backsides - everyone has one.
Cameron Ling was the worst... back when Hawthorn were competitive you could almost feel his erection for the opposition through the TV.

Any time you hear his shrill, nasal voice is just nauseating. The worst going around at the moment IMO

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The better team won. Bad kicking is bad football. We didn't learn from trying to spot up targets inside a crowded forward line and they killed us on the rebound.
As someone who hasn't paid attention is he really that bad?

We have had Pavlich commentate West Coast and I thought he was pretty good.
Pavlich has been terrible, his calling last week was a blight. Mind you he's not Drew Banfield bad, pray he doesn't get to that level
If anyone wants to have a laugh, read the AFL report.

Not a single mention of Port Adelaide's dominance of everything except the scoreboard- obviously a very even game.

So clearly I was watching a different game, and should stop now.
Your field dominance was also your demise.

Once we got it out of your attacking 50 we were dangerous.

Definitely think it was a game plan of ours and worked well
This bit was funny;

Port Adelaide:
LeCras, Shuey, Yeo, Priddis, Hearn, Shephard, Barrass, Sheppard
West Coast: Dixon, Ryder, Wingrad, Ebert, Jonas

A few fails going on there...

haha this can't be real.

*checks link*

Holy f*** it is.

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