Movie Avengers : Endgame - WARNING - Contains Spoilers


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Sep 7, 2005
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Even the first Avengers movie was like that (an extreme amount of green screen acting, the cgi/special effects looked very cheap to me almost bordering on made for tv). Yes cgi has come a long way (cripes remember how rubbery the cgi was in the first Raimi Spider-man movie!), but its nowhere near perfect.

I only have the dvd version as a reference point (probably the problem lol). It doesn't look as flashy as it did at the cinema, I guess I better get a 100 inch screen ? :p. The movies length meant the dvd version was going to be a hard task to convert to something watchable (as most 3 hour movies generally push the capacity of a dual layer disc). From memory the Peter Jackson King Kong dvd version was similar.

From what I have read the blu-ray and 4k releases are not what they could be. In that they've not used the entire capacity of the discs available. The theory is that they will release a new version in the future where the picture quality is improved even more. As they hadn't done a proper 1:1 conversion from the filmed version (which was filmed on a 6k camera iirc).
I watched it on a Samsung 75 inch and thought it looked gorgeous. It may get better, but i am more than happy with it as it stands

I have no doubt they struggled to get the DVD copy onto a disc. The movie is HUGE!

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May 6, 2005
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Something occurred to me this morning as I was driving. During teh battle, the giant cruiser/destroyer/carrier shop with the massive guns was causing issues for the heroes. Thought Wasp could've flown up there, thrown the pym particle disc at it then boom. little. Then squash it. hehe

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