Portfolio BBL x Puma - Redux

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Apr 20, 2017
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Vancouver Canucks, Southampton FC
In Search of an Aesthetic

The 2023/24 Big Bash League season has brought with it a collection of hits and misses. However, the biggest swing and miss of the season occurred well before the first ball was bowled. Nike's second attempt at league-wide jerseys has resulted in arguably the worst collection the league has seen, with the standardised nature of each uniform taking the vital scalp of character away from each team. Moreover, this season birthed a retrospective appreciation for former manufacturer, Majestic's decision to kit out every team in a solid colour and blank design. This season, the Big Bash, whilst seeing an uptick in excitement upon previous seasons, has failed yet again to nail an aesthetic befitting the league itself.

In search of an aesthetic befitting the Big Bash League, the most consistent of the 'big 3' sports manufacturers in the Australian market, Puma, has been enlisted to help quell the lingering identity crisis plaguing the BBL. Each team will have two jerseys, a Primary and an Alternate. The dependence on black has been replaced with a promotion of each team's unique colour to build an easily identifiable Big Bash League.

With a nod to history pre-dating the BBL and a desire to find an aesthetic befitting the Big Bash...
This is the BBL Redux, a folio by Zoops.

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They need distinct designs for each team. I think some of the blame should be on cricket aus, they would sign off on these designs.
Belgravia/new balance would be a very interesting partnership and would have pretty good designs.

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These are all quality.

The Stars one looks like a knock off Pakistan kit though

Bit hard not to though when the Stars use a star and basically Pakistan's green as their brand. 💁‍♂️
The Stars one looks like a knock off Pakistan kit though
I'm not the first to do it...
This now concludes the initial part of my folio. It has been by far one of my more experimental, especially in the creative and conceptual aspects. I have more to speak to, but that will wait as this folio is not quite finished with yet. In saying that though, I will not explore expansion concepts for the Big Bash but can assure that something special is coming.

I will conclude this chapter with a snippet from the 1986/87 Summer. Artboard 1@4x.png

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