Tipping - 2017 Winners

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Elastico Gomez
Dec 1, 1999
AFL Club
For an amazing second year in a row:

swansfan51 wins on 154 points!

Swansfan51 wins the...

$500 First Prize

When asked for his secret, SF51 said:

"I am very skeptical of favourites to win."

In second place, only 1 point behind swansfan51 it's...

SBYM on 153 points!

Taking the $300 second prize!

And in third place, for the second year in a row...

Rabbit of Caerbannog on 142 points!

Rabbit you get the $200 third place prize.

Thanks to everyone who took part this year!

See you for more tipping in 2018.

Prize Winners: Convo me with payment details - full name and address for a cheque or full bank details for a bank deposit.

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