Coronavirus & Lockdowns - the Positives - Thread

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I believe everything the TV says to me. Channel 9 news says dan Andrews has done a good job that is my view too. Tv says trump is bad that is my view also. I'm not smart enough to have an opinion of my own
Im sure your smart enough to rabbit the opinions of the stable geniuses on youtube and claim them as your own free thoughts

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I’ve been away from home most weekends since we’ve come out of the second lockdown (making the most of freedom) so on a positive spin there’s plenty of little chores I’ve left lingering that I’ve started sorting this weekend which needed to happen.

Also it was very peaceful going for a walk today. Hardly anyone out, no cars and just a relaxing outlet.
Not a positive, more a small scale negative that shits me.

All the crappy pornhub videos titled like 'hot sex in quarantine' that are just regular videos with a new title to reflect modern events that have no bearing on the content at all.

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Shove a mask on and suddenly it's raunchy Covid sex

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"Efforts to track down close contacts are being hampered by COVID louts signing in as Mickey Mouse and Elvis at exposure sites."

Well people are being inventive with their alias'
So elvis is alive .....

I always wonder how many votes Russell Coigt gets in an election.....always gets one from me

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If someone signed is as Elvis at a burger joint that would be more believable than if they signed in as Elvis at a gym.

He'd be in his mid 80s if he was still around so there is a good chance he would have been a victim of Covid, especially if he was living in America.
With lockdown ending in 6.45 hours time (Melbourne), society will look back with varying emotions. Emotions as people sit in their cars struck in traffic, school traffic.

I'm looking forward to the stories of people going to 24 hour Kmart only to be disappointed that they can't get it

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