Daniel Pratt. Our mastermind.

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I'll save you all the pain but First Crack did a nice little segment on just how well our defense is working at the moment, and I will say, the change over the last two weeks (round 1 never happened) has been noticeable.

Yesterday I felt almost confident seeing the ball go back into the backline that it would be taken care of, with Jones being the anchor, the emergence of Buku, hell even Duryea running at 100% disposal efficiency I was really surprised at just how well this defensive unit is starting to come together.

Also to note is that Croft looked excellent playing down back in the VFL, JOD is not far off making the seniors again, and we have Ed, Coffield (when not injured) and to a lesser extent Cleary all breathing down the neck trying to get into the side, it's almost like we might have the workings of a solid defense in the making.

So, big props to Chris Grant for making the really hard call in moving on Bubba and bringing in Daniel Pratt, I know two games is a small sample size but if this is what the future holds for our defense (something that has suckkkked since 2022) the future looks good for us.

I’m blaming you btw

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I love D.P.

Considering he’s coached at both teams, possible to officially name our games v Eagles as the DP Riley Reid cup?

Or also include his playing career, so it would be DP Shinboner Riley Reid cup.
Best we have looked defensively for as long as I can remember,

Our biggest issue is when teams get quick ball from CBAs which is hard to defend

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