Toast Elliot Yeo

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Club Legend
Dec 19, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
soccer rugby union and le
If i had the pick of any midfielder in the comp ,i'd have Yo first.Hes as quick or quicker than any of them,he marks as good or better than any of them,Tackles as good or better than any of them,Better on the left than all of them,as good kicking for goal as anybody plus has the added bonus of [A] being able to play a shutdown role or can go back and play virtually any defensive position.He may be a beast,but hes our beast!!!

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Premiership Player
Jul 28, 2008
in a town near you
AFL Club
West Coast
YEO, along with shuey are our top 2 mids. Yeo can do it all. Usually gun mids arnt defensively minded.

I do think thats one of the knocks on our midfield. If yeo and shuey arnt doing the tough stuff, then its left to only redden. Sheed hasnt got a defensive bone in his body.

Aquiring kelly next year and thats 3 genuine weapons.

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