Discussion Favourite guernsey designs from each club

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Sep 30, 2015
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West Coast
Was listening to footyjumper's podcast, where they were picking their favourite jumpers, it got me thinking, what's your favourite guernsey designs from each team? Here's mine.

Their first SANFL guernsey is the clear standout for me, at the least front. It's really hard for me to pick another guernsey design, because I'm not fond of the rest of their guernseys, too much use of primary colours all over.

gettyimages-84668909-2048x2048.jpg zzFitzroyBoys.jpg
These 2 are my favourite, hard to choose my number 1 here. Late 2000's home design is peak, with the blue yoke making up around 40% on the front and back of the uniform, with a nice collar. 2007 heritage Fitzroy guernsey is also the best variation I've seen of it at Brisbane, no newspaper text wrapped around it like the other ones.

gettyimages-459696356-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-686262706-2048x2048.jpg
Their 2014 guernsey home design is peak, with the old monogram looking like it was stitched on or something and the nice premium looking Nike collar. The Nike collar would degrade the following years, looking more cheaper looking. 2014-17 was as premium as Carlton ever looked. Their 2017 clash guernsey is my favourite alternate guernsey of theirs, grey with white circles giving it a bit more a pop, along with the premium Nike collar, which would be its final year.

2000 would be the last time Collingwood really nailed their home guernsey, before they moved to a more black based guernsey design. One of my favourite designs out of all AFL guernseys.

2008 is when Essendon nailed their design. The sash really does come across like a sash with a premium collar.

Their all haze and white anchor guernsey was just so top tier, should be wearing it now.

download (2).jpg
My favourite variation up until 1980 was this, with there being a white panel for the numbers.

Gold Coast:
I'm not fond of any of their uniforms. I tried looking for any training or prototype designs, and they didn't look good, either.

hRjFAnXG (1).jpg
A training guernsey which has an alternate blue colour really stands out as their best. Shocking they don't wear this and ditch the orange.

gettyimages-56933602-612x612.jpg a3e4878fd1155bd7100ac7714ce16147.jpg
2000's Wizard/NAB cup guernsey looks really good, very clean. 2017 clash guernsey is the best clash design I think they've had, I think I'm a sucker for monograms on guernseys.

North Melbourne:
MLB_0586 (1).jpg
Their 2007-08 away guernsey is one of my favourite guernseys ever, it just looks so elite and strong to me, based on one of their earlier guernsey designs.

There's something about their fire looking logo that looks strong and great on that navy base on the guernsey.

Port Adelaide:
gettyimages-996201-2048x2048 (1).jpg 7178c14de6fa0b0d7f86f8dd8e21ba79.jpg
Easily their first away guernsey is my favourite. My favourite variation of their prison bars would be their 2003 heritage, with it being more black and black and white striped socks.

Early 2000's with this Nike collar and no sash on the back/yellow numbers looks the best to me. This variation has The Tigers logo in place of Nike, looks better imo.

St Kilda:
2009 home guernsey looks strong with those stripes in the collar.

Sydney's late 2000's collar looks premium with their opera house design.
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West Coast:
wce.JPG 10959329_10153154557302224_4864801421487340790_n.jpg
Their old early 90's premiership design utilized in 2002 for a game was the best I had see from the team. My favourite gold version of this bird design by Peter Farmer.

Western Bulldogs:
f789aaaf7bab06e5310fec2f1e70ac3e.jpg cbd34d2951ee4f3ca65e6319aeadbaeb70022287-16x9-x0y120w3848h2165 (1).jpg
Their 2016 premiership design just looks so clean and good with it being all blue. The Western Bulldogs use to have one of my least favourite designs in the league, too, amazing to see them change it slightly where it looked really good by ditching the dog and moving the stripes a part. Also, The Bulldogs have the best training guernsey design I've ever seen. Worthy of being a real guernsey.
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image-heavy post

Assuming the thread would be a bit boring if I just went with home jumpers, will try do my list as favourite non-home kits from each club

ADEL: Always been a sucker for Adelaide's red-based kits, possibly since their AFLW side started off with it. Just a very vibrant, balanced design.

BRIS: If I'm to leave the Fitzroy legacy alone (as obviously the Fitzroy jumper is one of if not the best in football history), the last Bears kit was a perfect attempt to draw in Queenslanders with a Broncos-like yet traditional looking football kit. Colour balance is pretty much perfect to me. A bit left of field for the Lions, but to this day I still love the All For One kit back in 2018, don't even think they wore them but replacing the yellow for gold and a blue yoke for white makes it look so regal and premium.

CARL: Always loved the baby blue kit, though definitely preferred the vibrant blue, navy monogram version from the early 2010's and wish to see it come back as one-off with the current monogram as the women's have done.

COLL: Needs no introduction. A nostalgic design for me from the turn of the millennium that reflected the fearlessness we played a lot of these matches we wore it in. Still not sure if I prefer it with black or white shorts but either way it feels perfectly balanced unlike the modern remake of it.

ESS: Still think this is their best indigenous design, with it was on a slightly nicer template but was the last time with the clean sash that makes it look so classy.

FREO: To me nothing beats the colour balance of the original Freo home/away kits. Old anchor design I always preferred to the mid to late 2000s one.

GEEL: Definitely one for the kids, but still don't think Geelong have ever had a more clash-effective kit since this one. I usually the team logo on a jumper type kit, but a team logo has never fit so well like this.

GC: Never had a better kit than this, if only they could have incorporated it into a home guernsey. The first GC guernsey that made be think "okay maybe slapping the logo on the jumper can work".

GWS: Aside from the obvious of this years' Never Surrender kit, the Giants' 2014/15 clash kits I thought were timeless aside from annoying side panel issue where it should've been flipped so it didn't stuff up the G. A well-balanced white clash kit.

HAW: I have a confession. I'm going to cop it so bad for this one, but I never stopped loving the Hawk's power ranger kits as soon as they were first worn. Maybe it was something to do with their dominance at the time but I've never seen them with a cleaner white-based clash, while also being a nod back to the classic chevron. Peak class, clean kit.

MELB: Maybe I'm a sucker for gradients, because aside from their current royal-blue clashes (which is basically a home throwback) I haven't seen a clash jumper of theirs that feels so clean. I would have loved to see the V actually centred and brought up to the proper height.

NM: Needs not much introduction, timeless kit that looks good in blue or white shorts.

PORT: Just the same, vibrant, timeless and the quintessential late 90s design that still stands up to this day. Always preferred with the slightly brighter teal of 2000-2002.

RICH: Somewhat boring but never got over the 2017 Richmond clash kit. Black trimming around the colour still looks too good, for some reason the yellow in 2017 looks a touch better than recent years. In hindsight definitely looks better without the black cuffs of 2018-19's.

STK: Like North I'm going to be cheeky here and not count it as a home kit for them still wearing their traditional kit. I'm shocked they didn't permanently move to this, win that '97 flag and who knows whether it would've happened, but they absolutely struck gold with this. Colour-balance, traditional looking kit, design relating to the club identity. Perfect.

SYD: A close 1st/2nd between these two from their 2012 kits. Currently Swans throwbacks look so poor IMO, the thin V cut off at the shoulders just looks so slapped on. The left is 100% still their best clash kit, making the top red yoke into a proper V, albeit a bit thicker is the perfect combination of the South Melb/Sydney identity.

WC: It was never going to be any other. Vibrant colour scheme with the clever geographical iconography. This whole kit is just like a psychedelic fever dream with how hard it is to explain to others why its so delicious, and why I can't wait to see it return.

WB: Since it was their home I want to rule it out, but this is still the best their kit has ever looked, though since they won 2016 I've ruled it out they'll ever return full-time to it. I still don't think the robo-dog has aged well from a design standpoint, I wish they'd made a more cleaned up modern one and brought back the home from the late 90s to 2000s with the deeper blue.

Thanks for reading!

UNI: Seriously how sick would a take on this look in modern footy (all players required by club constitution to wear long-sleeves of course)
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This is my favourite Adelaide design.

I wish I could have got a PI but I just didn't have the money when they were auctioned.
Because I'm too lazy to look up images.

Adelaide - home any year and 2023 Gather round
Brisbane Bears - 90s V bears long sleeve
Brisbane Lions - any lions jumper. Probably the 90s - 2000s with the longer blue
Carlton - 90s home
Collingwood - The swooping magpie
Essendon - seatbelt lol
Freo - 90s anchor
Fitzroy - 90s home
Footscray - 90s home with the red bar with white strips. Also love the darker blue on the 90s jumpers. 90s robodog gets a tick of approval here as well
Geelong - home jumper with the stretch cat logo under the sponsor
Gold Coast - don't really have one
GWS - Orange jumper
Hawthorn - home and the retro from 1999/2023
Melbourne - flame head demon jumper.
North- bounding roo 90s
Port Adelaide - Current home, though their retro was mint this year
Richmond 2008 centenary and all our premiership jumpers haha
St. Kilda - HCB
Sydney - Pre season 1997 with the V and strips.
West Coast - 90s Royal wings.

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