Workshop Your team | Favourite jumper | Beloved sponsors

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May 16, 2019
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Pretty simple really;

1) Who is your team?
2) Which is one of your favourite jumper designs?
3) what are some of you're most trusted/beloved companies

( Thanks Club by Club Jumpers for the jumper template )

ie: you support Carlton, you love the home jersey, and you've always played a Fender.


Always loved this jumper, it's a great alternate to the non traditional design.

I've carried a Victorinox in my pocket every day for over 30 years, extremely high quality and functionality. I'll be buried with one.

Cholula Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce going around, I'll fight anyone that disagrees. Perfect balance of heat and flavour, and about ~$5 a bottle.
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Nickimus Rex

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Mar 30, 2014
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Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Dolphins, Seattle Kraken
Couldn't bring myself to put on a front sponsor, soz lads

For reference i chose an old sponsor instead of a new one, couldn't think of a brand that wasn't hated for something they did lol


we exist...
May 25, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide

Port's 1997 Away - The best guernsey Port has worn! Yes it nudges the PB's from top spot IMO
Samboy Chips - Their BBQ chips are the best ever!!
Reebok Classics - These are my work shoes and they are so good.

credit to Mero for the Port jumper design :thumbsu:

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