Portfolio Gather Round 2024 Jerseys and match up

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Jun 23, 2021
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LA dodgers LA Kings Melbourne Aces
similar to my previous folio, teams will have unique kits based on old designs or something new, since its known what Adelaide will wear I'll just post that design in there

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Adelaide-Gather-2023.gif Melbourne-Proud-2020.jpg
As mentioned the Crom Gather round kit is the same this season, I wouldn't change it either a perfect design by Zoops, for the dees I bought back the Flamming M still in a red base due to the crom wearing a navy kit, this kit has a twist a blue youlk meeting with the M which is in white i really like this design,
BL FL GR.jpg North GR.png
For Brisbane or should I say Fitzroy they were a kit similar to what they won a premiership 120 years ago but with there monogram and for North they wear the classic V they wore around that time with the bounding roo in it
PA PO GR.jpg SB.jpg
For Port, I bought back the Bars but in teal in a style similar to GWS Never Surrender and crom GR I call it the "Power Outage" kit for Essendon I gave them a red kit with a black sash and a "Soaring Bomber" through the sash

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Do we know if every club is going to have a unique gather round jumper this year?
unsure There is nothing on it atm only other news is North for a retro kit and I assume Freo will as well, its the 120th anniversary of fitzorys 1905 premiership and 130th of the 1895 premiership, hope dees do a Ron Barassi retro kit with collar and all like the cats and saints retro kits
RT GR.jpg St Kilda GR.png
for the tigers I bought back their old pre VFL/AFL stripes with a RFC monogram for the saints I wanted to do a white kit a I couldnt think of anything else so i bought back one of their old clash kits i feel like i could do better but richmond would clash with a saints black kit

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