Unsolved Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance

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Sep 6, 2005
AFL Club
Apparently, there was a recent dig for Hoffa's remains in Oakland, CA. But it turned up nothing.

Saw this site too: http://www.hoffafound.com

The mystery of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa has been one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time. Many wannabe gangsters and wannabe mob associates have written books and told stories, claiming that they know what happened to Hoffa, and leading the naive public to believe them. They have made millions of dollars in book and movie deals, telling lies and deceiving people. The truth is, only a few people in this world actually knew what really happened to Hoffa. None of them have ever spoken up…until now!

Finally, a secret collection of papers will soon be published with all of the facts surrounding the Hoffa disappearance. At 85 years old, Anthony J. Zerilli, son of the well-respected Sicilian-American Joseph Zerilli, has decided to come forward with his written memoirs, and disclose to the world his personal knowledge of the true story of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Many experts have long speculated that Anthony J. Zerilli was the “boss” of the Detroit Mafia, and that he ordered the killing of Jimmy Hoffa. This is absolutely untrue, and Mr. Zerilli wants to clear his family name and let the world know the real truth…that he did not kill Hoffa or have him killed. Anthony J. Zerilli spent nearly seven years in Federal Prison for crimes he did not commit. He kept his mouth shut and did his time. He ratted on no one. He is nobody’s stool pigeon. Never has been and never will be. But he must set the record straight and clear his family name. He has decided to do so by revealing the truth.

In his manuscript, Mr. Zerilli will describe his personal relationship with Jimmy Hoffa and he will tell the world what ACTUALLY happened to Hoffa! No other person of any significance knows any of the facts. Only two people who know the true facts firsthand are still alive. Mr. Zerilli is one of them, and he is the only one talking. He will discuss what he knows of the “original plan” to dispose of Hoffa, and how the events of Hoffa’s disappearance unfolded. He will tell why Hoffa was killed. He will tell how Hoffa was killed. And, most importantly, he will tell who ordered Hoffa’s murder and who carried out the plot!

This revelation will blow all other books and movies relating to the Hoffa disappearance out of the water. The time has finally come for the truth to be told, and Mr. Zerilli will be the only one to tell it.

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Jun 29, 2001
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Sounds like a PR exercise to increase book sales.
Yeah, I love how the article begins by explaining how unsavory people have foisted bogus books on the naive public with untrue tales of Hoffa's disappearance. Then the rest of the article is basically shilling a new book. Show me the bones and then we'll listen to the story.

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