Prediction Jumper numbers 2020 finalised

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Aug 21, 2018
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Interesting that they still kept Dunn after taking it down. I thought they might have taken it down to remove him since he is technically not a part of the list at this point in time.
Thats true. I don't know if they did anything different from taking it down and reuploading it..

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Aug 10, 2015
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Good work to get the numbers out early, good for the Santa stockings for jumpers if you like numbers.

overall a good distribution.

Quaynor earns the Gayfer number which is a great compliment (Gayfer was a true get everything out of yourself player. The joke around the club was, when Mick Gayfer makes love he counts it as push ups).

Tyler earns Paul Tuddenham’s number. Both sons of guns. id assume he asked for it. Tyson G has passed it to another dedicated player.

John Noble the only JOHN is footy (besides Dunny) gains Roaming Brian’s number.

Darcy Cameron earns the great (according to his mother) Terry Keays jumper.

Jay Rantall takes the esteemed jumper that Sam McLarty made his own. Both nice boys so there’s that.
(don’t start me on the rotation business.)

Trent Bianco knows his players so happy to take Possum Eyes‘ jumper.

Trey Ruscoe gets Heath Shaw’s backman’s jumper. Whilst the previous holder takes 20 at the crows (nice number).

Dunny keeps his 15 as that’s respectful to keep it on the roll until he needs to to wipe his
sweat after defeating his opponent.

Tom Wilson is simply holding the whole list up on his broad shoulders, hence the last number.
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Aug 10, 2015
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Collingwood - 2020:

  1. J Stephenson
  2. J De Goey
  3. I Quaynor
  4. B Grundy
  5. J Elliott
  6. T Brown
  7. A Treloar
  8. T Langdon
  9. J Noble
  10. S Pendlebury (c)
  11. D Beams
  12. M Scharenberg
  13. T Adams
  14. D Cameron
  15. L Dunn ^
  16. C Mayne
  17. C Brown
  18. T Varcoe
  19. L Greenwood
  20. B Reid
  21. T Phillips
  22. S Sidebottom
  23. J Roughead
  24. J Thomas
  25. J Crisp
  26. J Daicos
  27. W Kelly
  28. N Murphy
  29. T Broomhead
  30. D Moore
  31. F Appelby
  32. W Hoskin-Elliott
  33. R Wills
  34. T Bianco
  35. J Rantall
  36. B Sier
  37. B Maynard
  38. J Howe
  39. T Ruscoe
  40. A Bosenavulagi
  41. B Mihocek
  42. retired
  43. A Tohill
  44. J Madgen
  45. M Lynch
  46. M Cox
  47. M Keane
  48. T Wilson

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Aug 10, 2015
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And the Pies app (and I have pushed through updates) still has last year’s list of players & numbers.....seriously :drunk:
It’s a bug bear of mine.
actually some of the player pics on their profile are circa 2018! Yep, not updated at all.

when it comes to the player profiles and being up to date, it’s to be fair, sloppy.

there is an apparent AFL ownership of how club sites look, and style. I’m told the AFL has a hold on how some things are done or updated on club websites (note how all club sites are similar in look and style).

that said, it’s 2019 and technology is very advanced.

how even a good guy like Aish is still listed on our player profiles, same as Crocker.... just shouldn’t happen.
in the past they have used their own player pic for new entrants until photo day. That’s a simple solution till photo day.

surely can’t be hard to simply update the pictures and players after draft day.
yes, keep Dunn (with an asterisk) if need be, that’s ok, he most likely remains so that’s courtesy.

maybe one time, we’ll see Tom Wilson even listed (though he should have his own web page :p )

ps the numbers reveal yesterday was done well with every player featured. Not hard when it’s done with a little care.

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Aug 10, 2015
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see above: still listed on the club website. (As number zero. Which is correct I guess.)

good guy but he now wears purple colours and is number 11 I think across the Nullabor.

sorry to go on about it, but just not cricket.

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