Media hacks who don't understand Aussire Rules but report on it anyway

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May 17, 2004
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Robert Moran (SMH/The Age/etc) reporting today on an article about Amy Shark playing before the AFLW Grand Final:

"She'll be taking that attitude to the pitch on Sunday..."

FFS, I'm sick of these fcuking twats being given the responsibility of discussing a subject they know nothing about.

Add him to the list of:

Georgie Tunny (ABC Sydney-based sports reporter) - how many times has she referred to AFL players returning from injury/suspension/whatever as "returning to first grade..."

And Catherine Murphy (ABC Melbourne) who has no understanding of the sport whatsoever, has never followed it, and for at least 12 months now has made ridiculous suggestions and pronouncements on it like she has some sort of clue.

FFS ABC, you have Kelli Underwood, who lives and breathes AFL, why the hell wouldn't you use an expert resource to report on the game for ABC Breakfast, and do the reports on Raf Epstein's (ABC Radio 774 Melbourne) show, instead of complete novices who wouldn't recognise an AFL footballer (man or woman) even if they were wearing their gameday gear.


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Jan 5, 2004
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Yeah, calling an AFL field a pitch is pretty ordinary. I must admit that since living in QLD I've started saying players have been dropped back to "reserve grade football ", an expression never used in Victoria but always in NSW and QLD.
Worst example of what you're saying was during the Essendon drug scandal there was a huge press conference being shown on ABC24, possibly when the players were suspended. They then had an "expert" in the Sydney studio trying to explain what was happening. I can't think of his name, but he's a Sydney sports reporter, obviously with limited AFL knowledge, and it was painful watching him trying to bluff his way through a subject he knew little about.
It really shouldn't be that hard to find a reporter who knows about the game they're commenting on.

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