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Dec 17, 2015
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As the election proved Melbourne is well and truely out of step with the rest of Australia on a number of issues. The Victorian media would have had you believe Dan Andrews is doing a terrific job and federal labor were certainties to win.

Leftist local identities such as Charlie Pickering, Jane Caro, Waleed Ali and Michelle Lawrie have since got on their soap box to criticise the majority of the country for electing a government that didn’t believe in socialism.

Crime continues to spiral out of control in Melbourne and the state Labor government have now all but confirmed there is a massive budget black hole which will result in huge debts while the government refuses to budge on the east west link which they have already wasted $1.3bn on and the federal government have been forced to step in and build the road to stop it from being a political football for Andrews ego.

The most perplexing thing about the whole situation is that the majority of people in Victoria genuinely believe in the socialist propaganda they are fed. They believe they are the majority and anyone who doesn’t agree are uneducated, scared rednecks. It is time Australia booted them out of the commonwealth so they can have their socialist paradise in piece.

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