Neroli Meadows

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May 12, 2013
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First bad luck in the grand final. I don't agree about her being bland. To me, Sarah Jones comes across as bland, maybe that's who you meant. I enjoy Neroli's upbeat, bubbly style. Feel like i get to know her a bit as a person by her presenting style which i like.

The only thing i don't like about her is this: When Chris Gayle made his controversial comments towards Mel McLaughlin, Neroli condemned him via twitter and interviews with ABC TV, ABC radio and 3AW. I had great respect for her for that. She saw something she didn't like and was prepared to speak out about it.

Then she was boundary side for ABC when the guys from MMM made their controversial (I'd say inappropriate) comments about Caroline Wilson in 2016, Neroli didn't criticise them, and joined MMM later in 2016. To me there are double standards at play there even i understand why it might not have been in her best interests to call MMM for their comments about Caroline Wilson.

I must stress, i do not believe she endorsed or agreed with their comments about Caroline Wilson.

Perceived double standards from point of view aside, i enjoy her work. 'On The Mark' on Fox Footy would struggle without her.
Would absolutely agree on the double standards, struck me as hypocritical and it grated.

It’s true that she’s more authentic than Jones, e.g., and she comes across as having done her homework, seems to prepare well.
Cheers for the summary, appreciate the insight :thumbsu:

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Nov 25, 2017
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If KB leaves SEN, i selfishly hope Hutchy gives her a gig on SEN. That way i can go back loving her in not just a TV context but a radio one too.
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Apr 30, 2013
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this thread is weird
I think it's a lot of confused blokes trying to be decent and appreciate her good work, whilst also trying to say she's hot in a not so creepy way.

Hell an attractive woman that knows her footy is pretty great. I'm lucky to have one in my life and there's nothing sexier than when she talks footy to me in bed.

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