Prediction Possible Positional Changes under Teague

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Oct 24, 2015
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Heath Buck touched on it a bit in his My Blue Heaven (E26, get around it) i.e. what we want to see/would like to see in terms of player changes (positional/focus) for the rest of the year under Teague?

- For me, I'd like to see us balance the side out a little (not so ******* tall)
- Trial a few guys more in the middle - Charlie, SOS, GIBBONS
- Return guys to their strongest position who're currently not i.e. Ed
- SPS and Fish to play a little freer and get some highlights going
- Forwards doing what they should be - leading, creating scoring opportunities, playing on instinct

Thoughts, Baggers?
I agree with everything but Charlie in the middle his not Kouta hes a chf he doesn't need to play in the middle he can run up the ground anyway

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