Autopsy Round 10, 2024: St.Kilda v Fremantle

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Basset could have saved his money by keeping Ratts, if game plans don't make any difference. A bunch of talented players running around with no direction or plan wont go very far. The past is gone, and that's where Lyon's heyday of coaching was.
I think the standards Lyon is and has put in place off field since joining will hold us in good stead
I don’t think there’s any comparison where Brett is remotely close…
Yeh im not so sure about that. If we played slingshot corridor footy we have Sincs, Nas, Hill, Wood, Henry. Were built to run and gun. Were gonna get smacked in the midfield for sure but theres a scenario that plays into our strengths, were not doing that. No team is good at all things all the time but Ross seems to want to play a style of footy thats completely contrary to our strengths.

Now others have noted that he might be starting with defence and instilling discipline and standards and i hope to god thats the case but its hard to see the plan right now.

2021 was COVID affected wasnt it? I also think 23 was the anomoly, we were not playing Ross ball at all so in reality were comparing 77 to 72. 5 points over the course of a season is the difference. you add that into last season and our percentage overall is better than Carlton or Port. The differences between most of those 4-12 teams over a season isnt much.
Maybe but it’s hard to run n gun every week when you’re starting every attack from D50 cause your midfield is simply not competitive…then when you do go fast to a King 1 out …you kick out on the full multiple times..
I barely saw Wood last week too…

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