Round 10 Discussion

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very happy with Jones' last 3 quarters getting to 119. Also picked Cousins as my downgrade target instead of Willsmore so apart from Lloyd not a bad start.

Now just waiting on my other downgrade of Marchbank to Scharenberg will pay off. Didnt want to pull that trigger but my backline had 4 round 11 bye players in it :/

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708 from 6(c)

Dangerfield - 250
Mitchell - 108
Hannebery - 108
Heeney - 92
Newman - 78
Roughead - 71

Amazing that i've still got Roughy, always got an injury when i'm ready to trade him out. Probably gonna last until after his bye at this point.
Think I might double downgrade next week, is anyone else thinking the same?

I went Dahlhaus to Brodie this week, so that next week with the 3 trades I can upgrade Black, Eddy or another midpricer for the bye. 626K in the bank which is a lot to leave off field, but you gotta take a risk sometime. And I'm hoping byes can get me into the top 5-10K which would be all I can really hope for given my poor start to the season.

Currently 507/4+C (Danger C, Newman, McEvoy, Heeney). Happy enough with that so far.
Think I might double downgrade next week, is anyone else thinking the same?

Double up and one down.

Whoever has worst B/E between Hannan / Barrett, whether or not Preuss gets named, that's about it.

E.g. Hannan -> Wigg/Cousins/150k rook, Preuss/Barrett/Black -> barlow (F6), Williamson -> Tuohy/Harbrow (D6)
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739/6 with captain Titch. Bit of a let down but he was due a game like this and unfortunately I still captained him.

Bringing in Scooter has worked out nicely so far.

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If Jack Steele could get some more game time that would be great.
Hannan's score is too good. Now I can't trade him out next week because he's going to make tonnes of cash over rounds 12 & 13!!!!!

I must be crazy but I'm actually hoping Barrett doesn't dominate... otherwise might have to change my trade plans!
Had to hold onto Otten to guarantee 19 players minus Preuss/Black/Mutimer for Rnd 11. Looking good :D

Now someone explain to me why Greenwood's TOG is so low?

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