Game Day Round 8, 2024: West Coast vs Essendon

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Maybe in the long run if it means a higher pick but it's sucks right now.
We played one down with Yeo.

To get that close is impressive.

But Yeo out means 100/50 point losses will resume. And I don't say that as exaggeration. Last year was Kelly as main mid with Shueyy at 50% and Yeo not there.
Hardly "monumental".

What Gaff did to Brayshaw is monumental, that was some push and shove and he got too involved. It was stupid but people need to realise that games don't play out the same way except you add Waterman's goal to the score. Waterman kicks that and the whole game changes.

I don't think we were realistically winning that, we were lucky to be in it at that stage.

I am happy with that result with a limited bench the guys fought hard.

Kelly stood up.

TB was a monster and BOG for us, Gov also very good down back.
We had the bombers giving away stupid frees and that goal would have had us 4 points down. We lost all momentum then and a senior player should be much better than that. It was pretty significant at that point of the game.
Essendon are a top 8 team and we almost beat them - that's a positive.

Cripps is still a tool though.
I'm shocked they are a top 8 team. I havnt really bothered to look at who they have played but I had them in the bottom 8 this year. Still may happen. Well coached I guess because they dont have many players of note.
Unfortunately that’s the sort of results we are going to get, close games with us coming out with a L.

Whist there was a lot to like, we won’t be climbing to far up the ladder until we get a couple of half back flanker and wingmen who have good for skills to deliver the ball to our forwards.

Can’t fault the effort. +

Our poor disposal was the difference between a win and a loss. -

Still need to weed out the lower skilled players from our best 22.

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Unfortunately for Yeo, his groin was always going to go again at some point. Too much damage there.

I cant see too many guys being dropped when we have forced outs plus we only lost by a goal.
Oh cool, no eyes then? He was horrible in crucial moments. How about giving a free against when Jake was lining up for a certain goal and we go down a kick for a start? You have zero clue
Yeahnahmate, I saw it.

Everyone saw it.

Recency bias and all that because it happened at the end, there's about an hour and a half of footy before then.

People in gameday threads are so over the top, I get it.

Cripps' body of work over the course of the match was a positive. He wasn't our best but he was fine.
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