Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 20 - Roys FFC v Las Vegas Bears @ Brunswick Junction Oval

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Jan 14, 2022
AFL Club

Season 37, Round 20

We have made it. 118 days of match threads, spam, media, and drama. We opened season 37 back on February 4th and this Monday will be the last game of the home and away season.

Now, to stay in the hunt for the premiership, teams must Qooty to Survive.

A recap of the path to a premiership, so far.


At the end of last season the Roys were faced with the retirement of club captain and club legend, TedDougChris. The Roys board had to move quickly to ensure that the fantasy football club was set up for a successful future.

Mobbs was the choice. A successful league leader and foundation member, but Mobbs had a mountain to climb to set up his club for season 37 after Zevon and Barrels also departed over the off-season. The recruitment team started to fill holes with TheGoatBaron being a highlight to their new recruits and judge judy being their sole rookie.

A practice match against the Wonders made it clear that it was going to be a tough season but they were very quickly able to bounce back with a win in the opening round against the Warriors to ease pressure, but the pressure started to build again with a 98-point loss against the Wonders in round two followed by an eight point loss against the rebuilding Hawks causing question marks on Mobbs ability to lead this team.

Emergency crisis meetings were held when okeydoke7 had a nine goal haul and led the Sin City Swamprats to a 60-point victory. Two early season warnings for incorrectly following the rules added to the pressure. Would Mobbs continue past round 5? Only a clash with the Dragons could decide.

Pure Grunt and _Mike_ knew what was at stake and combined for 56 disposals as the Roys got out to a fast start to lead by 57 points at the half time break. Mooch found the ball and put it through the goals five time to ensure they didn’t let up at all. It was an 89 point win in the end, a start to a snowball effect that saw the Roys win eight of their next ten games.

The Roys are second on the ladder, and will play finals. They’ll need a win today to ensure that they get the double chance and a home final.

The top of the mountain is near, can the Roys carry this form right through to finals and show the competition that TedDougChris or not, they’ll always be a force to be reckoned with.


At the end of season 34, The PHawks had a high quality player depart. Chipmunk retired and no one really knew if they would return.

Turn the page to season 37. tony returned as the captain of the Las Vegas Bears and was successful in convincing Chipmunk to return back to the league but this time in Las Vegas. This severely boosted the Bears on-field and off-field talent.

Chipmunk ’s club debut wasn’t as successful as the Las Vegas locals would have liked to see as they collected just ten disposals and the Bears went down to the Old Boys by 11 points.

The Bears returned to form over the next three games as they tried to go one better than their grand final loss the season before. Three wins in three games with big wins against the Royals and Furies to cap it off. The season went downhill pretty quickly after a five game losing streak threatened to derail the season including a terrible loss against the wooden spooners, the Baghdad Bombers.

A huge seven goal game from Cap in round 10 against the Dragons put their first win on the board since round four from there it’s been up and down with wins against the Wonders, Dragons (again) and losses against the Demons, Gumbies, and Swamprats.

The Bears sit tenth on the ladder and are still in the hunt for finals. They’ll need a win against the Roys and they’ll also need the Dragons, Demons, and Hawks/Bears to lose.


Captains, please be aware that the team sheet for your team must be submitted by 11:59 AWST on Thursday.
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Oh boy. This has to be the quickest turnaround ever. Last match finished less then 2 hours ago!

We hope to be fresher but you know, we also were active for the last few days

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Why are we not a Stickied thread?
The hired help are on a break. In the meantime your just going to have to turn back time and spam the thread so we stay at the top of the page.

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Hi Roys, I look forward to spending the next few days with you guys. Any chance you could let us win, I will make it worth your while.

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Hi Tony! I'm also keen to be in the company of you and the Bears!

Let yers win, you say? And butcher our double chance aspirations?

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