StKilda full strength

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B. Goddard and M. Maguire are two players that would no doubt be in our best 22. So we're not quite full strength.

But we have a better squad available than the last few times we played you.

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Still, with these 2 players out, we have one of the strongest 22 we've been able to get on the field in the last 2-3 years, wouldn't you people say so?
Well I have someone called Steven Baker in my best 22 - Judd and/or Marc Murphy (yep, Bakes would take them both at the same time) will be much happier. Murphy in particular has had little impact on games against us in the past, and it sounds as though he has benefited considerably from the return of Stevens, and the Judd circus coming to town. Mind you, if Bec Twigley spends a bit of time around the club it would help us have a good win.
Has there been any release on when Goddard and Maguire may return to the senior side? I know we aren't risking returning players too early but has there been a date/round that is targetted for both?
Sounds like Goddard is about right, but don't think Goose is having massive game time at Casey. Given defenders typically play 90% of game time, he'd be a way off playing with the AFL.

Having said that, Max has surprised me with playing in Round 1 and not looking restricted.
I totally agree Max's comeback has been an awesome surprise. I still think we need someone to lead the defensive group as we can't rely on Max to be the number 1 defender anymore. Both Maguire and/or Goddard could do this.

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