Sunscreen myths and tips

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Apr 2, 2013
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I hate wearing it. Currently can't see properly and have an eye irritation due to it constantly getting in there. Also if I use the wrong brand it really irritates my skin badly. Now while I believe in 10 to 40 mins outside in the sun unprotected to build Vit D and develop a tan and tolerance (obviously depending on location time and season) I can't do longer as I don't tan much and burn to a bloody crisp which is worse. I notice it in summer Was outside 3 hrs today missed a spot and burnt while rest of my face arms legs tanned up. So it is a necessary evil but how do you stop it getting in your eyes(it melts and runs especially when sweating/swimming it runs off my cheeks and nose) and irritation.
I find the Le Tan 15plus limits damage but it is unavailable on holiday at places I go. Only the 50+ 30+ which is shocking and really hurts. Can't even see properly typing this atm
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May 2, 2007
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I use Cancer Council or Banana Boat and it doesn't irritate at all. Only stuff that can is zinc cream if it get on the goggles and then into the eye or this other citrus smelling stuff they had at work.

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