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  • I'm hoping you can get a few of your preview threads going again for the Olympics at some stage!
    Yeah mate. Happy to do it. I'll try and knock up a few things this week.
    Nice. I like it.

    Yeah, disappointing result for you guys, but a pretty injury/suspension interrupted pre-season means you're never going to be gunning it from the starting blocks I suppose.
    Oh nice, what of? You're braver than me, I wouldn't do it! City eh...... what are prices like these days? I'm guessing they're still expensive. Guess you save on petrol/convenience though.

    Haha yeah, just need to get Crosby back for the Penguins playoff push and it'll be even better! Seb crusing, Adelaide looking good, Suarez lighting it up.

    I do like the Crows this year though, once all the old guys were cast adrift halfway through 2010, the team came good. It's a young mans game, unquestionably. If you can't run, don't bother. What'd you make of the first round mate?
    Hahaha you've just given me a very bad mental picture re: Vidic.

    Honestly reckon we're going to do them this weekend. It's really our last big game of the season.
    See I've never thought they called him fat cos he used to be a chubby kid. I think we've always known the reason. Someone from Man Utd ordered a huge facial.
    You said you were going for a few... implying but not saying a few drinks. So I employed the double entendre by saying "enjoy them... and the drinks as well". Thus suggesting a few of anything else, left entirely up to the imagination/dirty mind of the reader. Know what I mean?

    It's fair to say Katilin Cooper from the OC is a bit of a babe. Wherever the OC is.
    Did you take the chance to say your goodbyes to Voronin man?

    Off to Moscow.
    hay man! just wondering if you're gonna start up that European trading game again like you said you were.. i'm keen for another game haha
    Don't worry Nip, I'm a bit closer in age than you, I'll take one for the team :D .

    Oh and the public want the picture of the great Nip_Tuck back. Listen to the fans AC.
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