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  • Hey mate, IIRC, don't you know Koby Stevens from the eagles personally? Are you able to shed any light on the rumours that he's heading back home?
    Fantasy Draft - Clock is ticking mate.

    You get Valdes and Pedro by default if you don't post soon. :p
    Reading back through some posts about Koby on the D & T board, I saw that he was rated in the top 5 midfielders during the year and was seen almost as good as Scully, what changed? Was it his OP, mate? Also I was wondering, how quick he is?

    What can you tell me about Koby Stevens, Bourky?

    I know he was highly rated before his OP and sees himself in the Joel Selwood mould.
    Bourky, how are things mate?

    I'm just wondering if you could update me on how Butcher has been playing since the Championships.

    Also, do you think Melbourne will take him at pick 2 (or 3)?
    I think we might look at Vardy
    Yeah you guys get Bastinac or Harwood
    I want tiges to get Trengrove then Butch
    Didnt butch say that he did'nt want to go to a team thats tanking
    Is there guys down at Gp that you think could pop in the late rounds
    and who do you want St Kilda to draft?
    Yeh it was really good
    thanks mate
    no worrys about the late reply
    IS butcher stuggling much down at GP
    Loved the Article:D
    What are your thoughts on these players Trengove Stevens and Martin?
    Good to hear. I'll probably head down to the dome tomorrow, after all as a Melbourne supporter I don't have much to look forward to :D .

    Really want him in the red and blue to partner Watts.
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