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  • Soo gutted. 2 losses in OT. You still get a point, but that is charity. The down hill slide all started from the loss against Cunnucks that we should have won. We are only 4 points off 4th. It is a massive log jam. 7 games left, 4 at home and 4 of those games against bottom three in Eastern Conference with 2 against Edmonton. It is a good run home. Game against San Jose massive. Need to win that. How you feel about Cooke being suspended for the elbow until round 1. Fairly dirty hit.
    Haha! I can't believe flames lost! They were all over the Canucks. Kipper made a howler as well. They never go through his legs!

    Canucks lucky. Which team you follow?
    Haha well Canada would be the perfect place for you!

    Flames are on an awesome streak on the back of the work of Kiprusoff. He is like the Pepe Reina of the NHL. Massive gun. Love Giordano as well. Love the flames! Been to a few games at the Saddledome, didnt get a chance to go to heritage classic though (it is outdoors I am sure u know). It was massively cold that day, plus tickets were impossible to get unless you wanna spend like $400. I can't get over how expensive hockey tickets are. You can get tickets in the nose bleeds for like 40 bucks but you are literally in the roof. Anything in the second section is min $100 ticket. If you wanna get near the glass, you have to empty your pockets, $300 upwards.

    I love snowboarding the most though. Sooo much fun.
    Hey mate. Calgary is awesome hey. 1.5 hour drive west and your in the Rocky Mountains in a town called Banff with 4 quality mountains to ski and board. It is cold as but, average -10 max atm and gets to -25 at night. Sometimes with windchill it gets around -35/40. Premier league is on 7am to 10am sat an sun so it is not too bad at all. But football is not big in this country. It is all about the Hockey. Go FLAMES!
    Have no idea what Cookie was doing, he just shot it into the defenders leg. Dumb. But as you say, DJ saved the day again. He is fast becoming a fan favourite, right behind Derek Engelland.
    Ah, fair enough.

    Thank god we got the 3 points or else it would have been another wasted weekend. Then again, at times we look like we won't even chase Chelsea this season. Not sure what to make of our season, thus far.

    Aren't you guys 5 or so points away from the top 4?
    Ah, I see. He has looked good a couple of times I have seen him in action.

    How come you haven't been posting lately on the soccer board? GD occupying most of your time? :p
    Oh, I'm grand altogether. Went to see United last night, don't get to very often so that was great crack, even if it was a pre-season jolly. New Lansdowne Road is very nice too.

    Must read up on Itandje's agent. The Phil Spector of footy?
    I was jus going to tell you, your missing the lulz! BTW check out the chicks in fb part 2. wow.
    Haha good effort :thumbsu: Dissapointing rachel left really.

    I had a chat to gab cilmi on fb, she even gave me a :) and a xo. Saved that sh*t to microsoft word ASAP :D.
    What ever happened to that rachel chick (caitlin stasey)? She was also box-smashing-good. I tried to add her on FB but she rejected, massive loss for her really :D
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