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  • Hey Mate,

    Any chance of you coming back to the Gumbies until atleast season's end?

    Let me know.

    Engelland is due another fight soon, Rupp equaled him in majors today with his beatdown on Thornton!

    And I have no idea where this crap defenseman we were meant to be getting as a throw-in on the Neal deal is. Nisky has been ace for us so far. Bad circumstances for him too, a lot of responsibility with Orpik and Martin both being injured for stretches, and Letang getting himself tossed out of games for not having the jersey tied down!
    Big win today mate! Was so crushed when Krejci scored, I couldn't believe it could happen again and it did! Lucky DJ pulled it out the fire, the move for the winner was all kinds of awesome!
    Hey mate..

    Want to stick around at the Gumbies for another season? If you do then head over to the SFA forum and post in our off-season thread.

    Id like to have you around the club again if your keen

    Hey Mate.

    Are you wanting to stick around the Gumbies for another season? If so please post in here to let me know

    Id like to have you again next season and a contract offer is there if you want it...You were consistent with us since joining from the Wonders mid season and id like to have you onboard again, so if your keen let me know in the thread.
    Oh yeah. I mean, I picked out that Lucas Leiva kid a long time ago.......... what a star!

    But seriously........ do have a mancrush on Malkin. What a man!

    How do you reckon we'll go tomorrow?
    Which metal band did you want?

    I need to know so I don't take it, but I pretty much know every band I'll be taking from now on.
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