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Not sure if this needs a separate thread or if anyone is actually interested in playing it but I'm quite keen to give it a go for at least a couple rounds. Top prize is 25k and it starts this Saturday. I've included the scoring and pricing systems below.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 12.49.23 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 12.52.02 pm.png

Bivouac, Flit, Castelvecchio & Yao Dash are just about locked into my stable for this round. Given there are currently over 1000 horses in the database - and that number will grow - and over 100 jockeys there is a hell of a lot to keep track of. Prices dont really change much and the fact that you have unlimited trades means the strategy wont revolve around cash generation.

I think what will separate the good stables from the average to poor is the ability to find several mid-priced horses that either win in a group 2/3 or win/place in a group 1. Given the most points on offer are in group 1 races I think ill always spend up on the favourite or 2nd/3rd fave in the hope that they come top 3 and that will maximise captaincy points. Given most of the horses with a realistic chance of winning a group 1 race are 400-500k and the total cap is 2 million, i realise it will be quite important to do some research and find a cheapie or 2 that will offset the big 'group 1' investment. Yao Dash will probably be the most picked horse for this first round given it is competing in a group 1 race, is only 50k and seemingly has massive potential.

What i think appeals most to me about this game is the sheer number of combinations. Yes, maybe 3-5 horses will be super popular in any given round but there will be so many other options to complete your stable each week. To be the best it may take a massive time investment but on the other hand simply 'playing the odds' could in fact be the best strategy, particularly for the 'time-poor player'.

So yeah, if there is any interest ill create a BF league

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Just found out there is a thread dedicated to this on the punting board
Where it belongs.

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