English Super League Superleague 2024

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In our last seven games of the season, including the play-offs and the GF, we conceded 34 points and scored 220. That is the form of champions.

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Been some sensible talk now in the aftermath of the Nu Brown send-off, and for once the judiciary seem to have got it right. Yes, it was accidental contact, with no foul intent, but the truth is, it did leave Currie with a gash on his head that required stitches. Under the guidelines as they existed, the ref had no option but to issue a red card. It seems refs have, following this, been effectively given a little more 'wiggle room'. In real time it looked to me like only the slightest contact, but when you see Currie afterwards, that clearly wasn't the case.
In more surprising (and delightful) news, Bevan French has signed a new four year deal! Which means we have both him and Jai Field, and, indeed, the rest of our spine, tied down long-term. The best player in SL (Man of Steel last year), with the stats to match it. 76 tries in 87 games. We badly need to keep quality players in the comp. And Bevan is certainly a much better player than the guy who left Parramatta. He has added a lot more strings to his bow on top of the raw pace and footwork he naturally has.
So tonight in SL it was French against Matt Moylan in the battles of the 6s, as Wigan went down the road to Leigh. And there's not much doubt who came out the winner! Moylan: 2 goal-kicks out of 3 (missing a pretty easy one), and a yellow card for direct contact to Jai Field's head, from which penalty we scored. French: one try and one try-assist, and another try given on the field unreasonably overturned by the VR, most of us thought.
Liam Farrell tonight scored his 150th try for Wigan. A remarkable achievement for a second-rower. There's Steve Menzies, of course, but there can't be many more.
After watching a succession on NRL games played in torrential rain, I set off on my bike across the Pennines in glorious sunshine to Huddersfield this afternoon, to see Wigan, after an unconvincing first half, take full charge in the second, and put the Giants to the sword with a 6-48 win.

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