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Blue Doormat

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May 15, 2014
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I will agree that the umpires were inconsistent today, what they do is out of our control, it is how we react. Case in point - Newman's melt down today. when we get to be a good side, what they do will mostly be irrelevant.
But we’re not yet. And it isn’t.

Players rarely get so animated. Frustration at their own misunderstanding of the rules, maybe. I’ve been wondering about our coaching/playing to the rules.

That said, I agree, the influence is reducing per game. And, if giving away free kicks and playing on the edge translates to victories then I think we can stomach that.


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Apr 28, 2016
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One knows the standard of umpiring has dropped significantly when #34 is not the worst practitioner on the day. #'s 8 and 24 seemed to delight in the howls of the Blue Baggers as they paid shocker after shocker. The worst were the free paid for htb against "the boy wonder" just out from their goal. clearly high, clearly no prior opp, but paid the other way, and the non decision when the adelaide clown was holding Jones in the square.

Just either mind numbingly bad umpiring or devilishly corrupt attempting to keep the Ravens in the game. You be the judge

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Jun 4, 2006
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Gil Mclachlan was heard to remark today how satisfying it is that the average age of the AFL supporter is trending younger all the time.



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Jan 23, 2010
Gold Coast, Australia
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I was at the game - umpiring was not nearly as bad as the crowd seemed to think.

A couple of bad calls but that’s to be expected. We got plenty our way as well.
Watch the replay on your tv, might change your tune.

WORST UMPIRING of a CFC game ever, BLATANT AFC bias. Not long till we get a Brizzy v North howler costing us a game.

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