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Mod. Notice Updated Western Bulldogs Board Posting Rules (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

Discussion in 'Western Bulldogs' started by Mike__, May 1, 2017.

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    Welcome to the Western Bulldogs BigFooty Board

    This is an updated thread relating to the board Rules which the mod team expect that all contributors adhere to at all times to help make our board run smoother and more effective.

    • Opposition Supporters

    • Opposition supporters are most welcome on this board and are encouraged to participate, although any attempt at trolling or trying to bait the Bulldog posters to stir up a reaction can/will earn you an infraction and/or possible banning from this board very quickly. The simplest way to avoid this is to be mindful of the fact that this is a Bulldog’s Team board and therefore primarily for Bulldog Posters - please try to be constructive and take time to enjoy a positive debate. If not, your time will indeed be cut short on this board. Injury trolling may result in a regular or serious infraction to the offender.

    • Bulldog Supporters

    • If at anytime you are not happy with what a fellow poster has written, please do not take it to task with them on the thread this only sparks up more agro and then it’s all boots in from every direction –
    either report the post or contact a Western Bulldogs forum moderator and we will attend to the concern.

    This is a reason why threads on this board go to crap. This warning also extends to all those (supporters and opposition) who in turn post in an antagonistic manner that intends on derailing threads. I.e. tagging posters in threads for the point of trolling, abuse, arguing. Enough.

    An infraction will ensue for those who ignore this rule.

    Posting on other BigFooty boards

    When you post on another BigFooty board, you do so subject to the rules of that board. Take into account that what is said on our board may not be well received on other boards to which any offending posts may be dealt with accordingly at the discretion of the moderators.

    Thread tagging from other BigFooty boards

    Should you tag a thread for the purpose of fun, trolling or mockery - a response may ensue. Opposition supporters will be subject to the same rules, but not barred from a right of reply in context.

    OFF Topic Threads - All off topic threads, games and general unrelated footy banter to be carried out in The Dog House which is our Sub Forum and threads of this nature that surface on our main Bulldog Board will be moved over to the Dog House.

    Responding to trolling posts – We don’t need to fuel the trolling posts that from time to time invade our board. The best course of action to take is to not respond and most importantly not to quote the offending trolling post we do not need to lower ourselves to their standard - instead use the report button and the Mods will then action it accordingly.

    • Stay on topic & make it clear

    • Play the ball, not the man.
    Don't attack the team of a poster that posts something you don't like or agree with. This is one of the biggest reasons why topics are derailed. If a thread has started to go off-topic, don't add to the problem. Using the excuse 'It was already off-topic' when you receive an infraction won't work.

    • Reproduction of newspaper articles - new linking rules

    Summarise and post a link to the information source
    Entire articles are not to be posted. This includes in private boards and social groups.

    • Video Streams
    International viewers can get live video of games from
    Local viewers can see live games on Channel 7, Foxtel or via XBox or T-Box
    Please do not post in any thread asking for links to streams.
    We don't want to go down the path of infracting posters but repeat offenders will have their
    account suspended

    • Site rules :-
    Keep it legal. Discussing illegal activities is not what we want this site to be about. No hacks, torrents, file swapping info or material of that nature. Publishing information under injunction or otherwise likely to cause the site legal grief is also frowned upon. Frac: Mid to Serious

    How to deal with warnings/infractions/suspensions

    If you're warned, infracted or suspended the system generated message now gives the reason/post information which does often get deleted upon report.
    If you require further clarification on the matter then raise the query with the moderator team through a private message. Grievances on infractions are not to be aired in threads.

    Bulldog board mod team

    Supporting staff

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