MVP Votes vs Adelaide Rd 15

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All Australian
Apr 22, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool FC
5. Sheppard
4. Gaff
3. Hutch
2. Yeo
1. Cripps

HM: Cole, Hurn, Shuey (glimpses of returning to form).
DM: Nic Nat, Ryan, McInnes.
Super slack DM: Jetta. In the last quarter I’m sure there was a moment in the centre square where he just stood there and watched a Crows player run away from him. Inexcusable.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Gaff - Ran his guts out. Hit the scoreboard. Won some contests.
4. Hurn - Like a casio. reliable af down back.
3. Shep - Like a swiss watch. maybe not quite as accurate as a casio but a lot sexier.
2. Cole - developing really well.
1. Cripps - Great intensity from the opening bounce. Really tried to own being the senior forward.

This one will come back to haunt us. To cough up that winning position in a week where a bunch of other contenders stumbled has reduced our margin for error to zero. We've got the staggers now where we could have had a settler to get the group through with some confidence until Jack and Josh are back.

5 kicks up and we didn't fire a shot for the last 35 minutes. Still pissed off.

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