Coach What’s your game plan?

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Sep 10, 2020
AFL Club
I’d make the team mantra “make the opposition kick to a contest” No more guarding grass.
our zone defence is the worst in the AFL by a long way & we now need to be hard to play against.
Every team knows when playing us in 2021 there will be virtually no pressure on the ball carrier & no effort to stop easy uncontested marks.
It’s why we are beaten so badly in marks & uncontested possession every week.

From this weekend I’d be ensuring every team now knows we are going to bring intense pressure & that easy possessions are a thing of the past.
Right now we are almost playing a style that is complete opposite to the reigning premiers.

Don’t be observers & passengers. Dip in & have a crack.

At least 2 players in our forward 50 at all times so players on a fast break don’t have to stop & wait for players to get down there.

When the North game is over get on the phone & start approaching new assistant coaches for next year.
Team selection for the rest of the year will not select players who are past it & won’t be there next year.
‘Develop the talented young kids in roles they are familiar with & play them there. No more forward pocket on debut when they never play that position.
When can you start?

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2009
AFL Club
I hate our zone and the pressureless transition that Frizzle has pointed out. Seeing it's all about development for the rest of the year, I'd go man on man.

Up forward, there just seems to be some real basics we stuff up at, so I'd do a lot of yelling- When they show a high angle shot, I can't believe the way we lead and when not honoured our players just stop and clog up the leading space. So I'd scream out - "clear the f'n space," over and over again." That and "FFS, get front and centre." "Hit at the ball and stop looking for cheapies out the back!"


Team Captain
May 29, 2010
AFL Club
Few things I would have in mind:

A. Teach forwards how to lead to positions that allow spread in our forward line.

B. PLAY the fu** on. This year's rule changes were designed to promote this so get with it.

C. Run the ball out of the backline to get it further down the ground on the rebound. The kick to the contest on the wing is too safe and too slow which is why we never have an opening or 1on1 in the forward line. Our forwards/rucks come too far up the ground to allow for this kick.

D. Lower your eyes when passing. There is no point bombing it high when it's going to get punched out for a stoppage or a forward is going to have 3 defenders scragging him while the ball falls on his head.

E. Use the damn middle of the ground. Teams get constantly opened up with one brave kick to the middle. Passing to a forward through the middle is way easier and makes defences panic.

F. Use the switch to spread the opposition. Wtf happened to us switching or our players work rate to create these openings?

G. If you're within 50m and you have the legs there's no need to pass to a forward with 3 defenders on him. Have some confidence and take the damn shot FFS.

H. Fix our stoppage setups. Our players have no clue how to read grundys taps or how to spread from their opposing midfielder at a stoppage.

I. Fix grundys tap work. If it isn't to the advantage of a player the tap stat does NOT count.

J. 3 players don't all need to tackle the same player FFS. Trust in each other and be ready for the ball spill when the pressure is applied.

K. Up the pressure FFS. That includes tackling pressure, AND scoreboard pressure. If you have a lead make it a bigger one. There should be no parts of the game we look relaxed.

L. Don't just bomb it out of the middle because it's the 6-6-6 rule. Our forwards have space when we win the clearance so run and pin point your target before the opposition gets back there. Bombing it forward just results in it coming straight back for the rebound.

Anyway I could go on forever but a few things I would do as coach. Any one from the pies board watching this forum hit me up ;) lol


Sep 25, 2010
AFL Club
The biggest thing thats got us is how much quicker and more open the game is the problem is because we've gone slower in years past we've been able to hide mistakes because we've had Time to setup behind the ball now we don't .. our forwards are struggling big time and can't win a 1 on 1 and were so easily rebounded against it's not funny. Who ever our stoppage coach is should have left 2 years ago because to be honest we've been horrendous for as good as Grundy has been we've been smacked in the middle more times then we've won it.

As bad as things seam right ATM I honestly don't think we are anywhere s bad as what we're displaying right at the moment and hopefully we can bring in one or 2 free agents maybe 1 through a trade and hopefully land a couple in the draft I honestly expect us to be around 10th next season before jumping back into the 8 in 2023 .


Senior List
May 21, 2010
Chiang Mai
AFL Club
Imagine this. It’s late on Thursday afternoon. Word filters out that Collingwood are holding a surprise press conference.

Bucks is there with his muscles barely contained beneath his close fitting polo, and next to him sits an old looking bald dude who you assume to be Wright.

The bold dude is speaking, something about incredible service and dedication, legacy and love of the players. You start thinking about dinner as your Gen Y inability to concentrate for longer than 2 minutes kicks in.

What did you hear?

Buckley is being replaced?

By whom you wonder, as you idly play with your belly button.

You become dimly aware that people are gazing at you. Their slack jaws revealing yellow stained teeth and breath like a dogs arse. The bald dude is beckoning you to the stage. You stagger forward, wondering if this is all some sort of sick BF joke.

Upon reaching the stage, you are forced into an embrace with the bald man, you consider running for your life, before you realise that you are now the new coach of Collingwood.

sh*t, you think, I’ve always know what to do on BF, but what do I do in reality? What is my game plan? What do I tell the players? Why is Harvey staring at me?

Over to you.

How do you beat North?
What is your game plan?
What colour are your undies?
I enjoyed reading this, you're quite talented Jmac.

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