Poll "What If" Wednesdays: Week 54 - Port Adelaide Magpies

Pick your favourites (Not your own!)

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Grab those cojones! SIIIIIIIUUUUUUU!
Aug 4, 2012
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Poll will run for 3 days

Winner picks next team from this list and gets their name on the honour roll

As for teams with more than 1 nickname next to them,
The team will still be used until all nicknames have been done

eg. If you choose Gold Coast, it must be followed by one of the available nicknames.

No Show Rule: If the winner of the next poll does not respond with a team 3 days after being tagged
3 random teams will be polled to the public to be next​

Team List with links to past polls
Team List with links to past polls
Former (No further additions)
Mergers (No further additions)
Proposed (No further additions)
VFL Expansion (No further additions)
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Theoreticals (No further additions)
Entry 1 DiamondGuy

Entry 2 caloschwaby

Entry 3 cannavo

"The famous 'prison bars' were dropped in favour of a modern twist. Incorporating thin stripes to spell PA while unique also differentiates from Collingwoods kits. The pink clash kit was inspired by the early days of PA and Juventus although on social media it has been meme'd with the Oak strawberry carton"

Entry 4 el Tel

Entry 5 TysonMoneybags

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