Which live performances ever are considered the greatest concerts of all time?

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Jun 4, 2008
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In the industry or in the world or even the best live performance you may have seen.

But which concerts have a reputation of being the greatest live shows ever?
The Stooges last gig on 9th February 1974 recorded for posterity on the iconic album "Metallic K.O." in Detroit, Michigan. The album was released in 1976 and then later an extra live performance, at the same venue, on 6th October 1973 was made available on "Metallic K.O. x 2".

I would have loved to have been there.

Of the gigs I've seen, Alice Cooper in 1977 at the Perth Entertainment Centre when he reprised the "Welcome to my Nightmare" tour is the best.

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Uni friend of mine saw Jeff Buckley play in Sydney a couple of years before he drowned. Would love to have seen Buckley play live.

I saw Roger Waters perform at Rod Laver Arena a long time ago now (would have been about 2007 I think as he criticised the Government at the time by having the inflatable pig painted with slogans decrying the Government's policy about refugees seeking asylum in Australia). That was an amazing gig. Ran into his lead guitarist at the hotel buffet the next morning for breakfast as well, but we didn't say anything to him - he was looking pretty seedy at the time.

My mum was a huge fan of Neil Diamond and we saw him perform live (possibly also at Rod Laver Arena). Diamond knew how to perform to entertain a big crowd, that's for sure.
My late mother got to see The Beatles in Auckland back in 1964 as a teenager.

She said you couldn't hear them play over all the screaming which was typical of their concerts and why they stopped playing live concerts.

The best I can do to match that concert was seeing U2 on the Rattle and Hum tour back in 1989.

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Metallica Seattle '89
Hendrix Woodstock 1969

Now we're talking! It's funny that concert (was actually 2 i believe) is so well remembered as their peak, but of course there was no Cliff. You can see the anger in Hetfield I reckon, and actually Newstead was a great live performer anyway so sum of his parts helped them put on a better show.

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