Which WA AFL/AFLW Team will play finals in 2024?

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Here is a better thread for you all than my previous one:

With 2023 saw no representation of Western Australia in both AFL and AFLW Comps, which Fremantle and/or West Coast team will feature in 2024 AFL or AFLW Finals?

Even with a disastrous 2024 AFL Community Series for both Fremantle and West Coast Men, who here thinks that Fremantle AFLW will claim Western Australia's next AFL/AFLW premiership before West Coast Men wins another?
I wouldn't be surprised if Freo make it. I won't put them in my 8 but we can't forget how good they were in 2022. It's more the norm these days where teams have a good season, drop out, come back in. Or just have a great/poor season out of nowhere.

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1. Freo AFLW - it’s been shown the AFLW teams can have huge growth between seasons, nail a few recruits & you fly up the ladder. Teams are still greatly influenced by a few players. where only 2 games out

2. Freo AFL - Incredibly unlike (let’s be honest all 4 are) but they did show 12 months prior they can win games. Maybe if they put enough wins at Optus together (12 games there, 2 against WCE), they just sneak into 8. JL is gone if they don’t

3. WCE AFLW - I know I just said huge improvements in the AFLW are possible, so could have been second. But only 2 wins it’s a long way back

4. WCE AFL - more chance my 35 year old self who hasn’t played footy for almost 10 years, gets picked up in the midseason draft & goes on to win the norm smith
None. Freo AFLW the best chance, but only if they get a really soft fixture and dodge the top 8 sides who bullied them last season, which is most of them.
Absolute tragedy about that 2020 AFLW season. It would of been a Fremantle vs North Melbourne grand final too.