Young Talent

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Now Lampard has gone the Chelsea academy will go revert to a profit centre.
Yeah I dunno, Tuchel isn't bad at bringing youf through and Sarri was doing it before Frank.

I doubt we'll be fielding an 11 of academy kids, but if they are good enough they'll play.

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No doubt its a very low % a lot of these kids are joining before their 10th birthdays and im not sure anyone expects many to end up Chelsea standard.

You would have to be naive imo not to realise football academies arent just about growing your own footballers, they need to be profitable too.

Figure rumored to be £5-£8m after add ons.

So the initial fee would likely to be £2.5-£4m
Pretty good figures for a kid who hasnt gone out on loan yet. Another talented academy kid I'll keep an eye on, i think you'll be happy with him.

I think so.

Connor Rowden who is a scribe that specialises in u/18's, u/23's and the England youth setups described him as follows:

"In U18 and U23 football, he has been better than any other ball dominant, No. 6 to come through the system in a over decade. His intelligence of how to control a game, switches of play + ball striking on his left foot, are fairly unparalleled out of a league that features as much elite young talent as any other in the world on a consistent basis. "

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