Your Bulldogs Diary

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Thread for posting what Bulldogs related stuff you are doing.

Today at 9.54 I went to put on the Bulldogs socks I got for my birthday but they are too small! Sorry Mum :(
But I put another pair on. Looking forward to the NAB Cup game.

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Tuesday 16th March

Went to a meeting - on the way out another Dogs fan spotted my Dogs Keyring and attached Lanyard so had a rap with him.

Wed 17th March

Got up at 630 to tape the NAB Cup replay at 7. Bonus points for effort as only went to bed about 2am :)
Wed 17th
Got horribly pissed at the Irish Village for St Paddy's night. Great Entertainment provided by 3 bands and a DJ which finished about
1.00AM.1500 raging under 35 year olds and 50 over 50 year olds , Emirates waitresses (cabin staff) galore including the odd cabin boy. Sir Bobby Geldof is playing tomorrow night (Fri).

Thurs 18th
Exercise tonight
AFN (Alcohol Free Night) and be tucked up after watching my NAB GF download on the TV.

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*Couple of Sundays ago I walked past Leon Davis and gave him a greasy trying to mentally destroy him before the game
*Today I came up with my excuse for not being able to work next Sunday, it's my nieces baptism (third this year). Also made plans for the after game celebration, the Carron in Spencer Street because the barmaid makes me go all ga-ga
*Today I also reminisced about my favourite Kingsley Hunter memories, bought a tear to my eye
Friday 19th March 2010 - covered my car, care number plate,pop top camper, and camper number palte with Bulldogs stickers.

That's cool!

Had a Pies suporter come in to say hello - I had bet half a dozen stubbies on the game with him. Don't think I have ever won betting on football. :(
April 16 - 13.05 am
Eating lunch at my computer working out how I can arrange dinner with my girl on Saturday to mysteriously be at a venue showing the brisbane game , shouldn't be that hard surley
Good luck Sween 54 :p

Yesterday I was walking to work in my Dogs jacket and beanie and a guy at a construction site said 'Wearing the colours proudly?' :thumbsu:

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