Toast Your favourite Comedy series or Movie

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Mr Lloyd Christmas

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May 5, 2022
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North Melbourne
Hi All.
As my name suggests, I loved "Dumb and Dumber" as a great comedy movie.

I also loved The Office (UK series) as dry, but hilarious.

Admiral Benson (Lloyd Bridges) also a fantastic role and actor.

So as it's off season I'd love to hear on your favourite comedy shows, series, movies, whatever!

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In no particular order:

Big Bang Theory
Schitts Creek
Some scenes from Family Guy are very funny (but don’t watch it often)
Some scenes from The Office (US) very funny
Ryan Reynolds movies (generally)
Season 11 Hbo GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm
So many great comedies over the last 30 years you can’t go past Seinfeld,will never be another sitcom that comes close.

Seinfeld didn't do it for me. Never liked the main character but a huge success!

"Friends" i didn't like much either but all good.

My mates loved it but they didn't like UK Office......yet Ricky Gervais awesome to me.

Again, all share as no right or wrong just what you loved is all that matters!

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This seems as on-topic as any other thread here.

I've always been partial to the prefab four.

Ferris Buellers Day off
Duck soup and any of the Marx Bros films

and for series
The office uk
black books
fawlty towers
only fools and horses
the good place
schitts creek
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TV Shows
Brittas Empire
Drop The Dead Donkey
The Young Ones
Red Dwarf
'Allo 'Allo
Australia, Your Standing In It.

Bringing Up Baby
Monkey Business (1953)
Dr. Strangelove
The Princess Bride
My Cousin Vinny
Cat Ballou
Crocodile Dundee

Nothing from this century, because this century has been shit.
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. Robin Hood ( Flynn )
. Shane
. My Man Godfrey ( Powell )
. Treasure of Sierra Madre
. Bridge on the River Kwai
. The Sting
. Seven Samurai
. Oldboy
. The Time Machine ( Taylor )
. It's a Wonderful Life

Quite a few there I've never heard of there Hoj but all good!

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