Usage for hash tag: eco


    Autopsy Roast & Toast R13 vs West Coast & Changes for St Kilda R15

    time to become #eco
  2. Stan_Darsh72

    Autopsy Round 13, 2021: St.Kilda v Adelaide

    How this season feels. How the back half of the season knowing I am #eco and can critically think and analyse the team. Let the booze flow and the philosophical thinking begin
  3. Art Vandelay_

    Bigfooty Yid Army Thread

    My reaction? Watch every Milan game next season and just check our highlights. To coin an old Richmond phrase. Potter in means I am #eco
  4. frggr

    Mega Thread Hawf & Handbaggers monumentally embarrassing 1700000 page s**tfight (part 5)

    Did I see Lethality skulking around before? Ha e you #eco'd for the season?
  5. James Colorado

    Rd 12 Hawthorn FC v BYE FC

    Not feeling confident against an opposition that always performs well in H&A. The only consolation is they never seem to get past week 2 of the finals, so even if the Bye thrashes us I can't see them winning the flag. Don't think I can be bothered melting though, losing to the Bye means #eco time.
  6. _Wang_

    Autopsy Round 11 Autopsy vs Adelaide, changes for Essendon

    We will get pumped by Bummers #eco
  7. _Wang_

    Game Day Round 11 - Richmond vs Adelaide, Sunday 30th May 2:10pm, Giants Stadium

    Can't lose from here #eco
  8. Tyrian Lonestar

    News Thread of #ECO

    After the sh1t performances ( especially dogs 100pt season ending b*tch slapping I'm now full #eco
  9. MotlopRules

    Opinion Sack Hinkley 3 - 2021 is worse than 2020 already

    ...hybrid, complete with front-running, flat track bullying and choking, all tags of which Hinkley-era Port richly deserve. I am just totally #eco at this point. It's blatantly obvious we aren't winning anything with Hinkley at the helm, and the club obviously aren't bothered by this or they...
  10. Quixote

    News Thread of #ECO

    Yes. This is the true spirit of #eco There is so much life to live sir This is the way
  11. _Wang_

    Autopsy Roast & toast vs Brisbane round 10 & changes for Adelaide round 11

    Everyone chill and you guys who were struggling just #eco #eco #eco
  12. Jonts

    Opinion Sack Hinkley 3 - 2021 is worse than 2020 already

    ...isn't anything worth fighting to keep But I'm 100% Sure that if we make the finals he isn't being sacked So I've stopped caring. Maybe it's #eco but it doesn't feel like that cause I still love ports and the bttb campaign Just that Hinkley numbness feeling I've got very used to, like...
  13. Van_Dyke

    Review Freo lose by 7 @Marvel

    can i join you in the #eco path
  14. Righteo

    Review Freo lose by 7 @Marvel

    Quokka I was wrong. The #eco path is looking mighty tempting right now. fu** me today was the embodiment of a Dockery performance
  15. TJASTA

    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs GWS rd9 & Changes for Brisbane rd10

    meh still #eco
  16. TJASTA

    Game Day 2021 Rd9 Richmond vs GWS 7:25pm, Marvel

    thank fu** i am #eco
  17. TJASTA

    Game Day 2021 Rd9 Richmond vs GWS 7:25pm, Marvel

    we are f’ed #eco
  18. SavDog23

    Round Round 9 Matchday Discussion

    So I've only now just seen that Houston is also out this week Donut time #eco
  19. kernelT

    News Thread of #ECO

    Everyone is welcome. Om mani padme hum. #eco