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  1. U2tigers

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs Sydney and changes for round 7 vs North Melbourne

    #eco , not for anything the Tigers have done, but this season is so crap, doesn't feel right. In saying that Rioli deserves a Roast. He should not be gifted games, so bloody lazy. Needs to be dropped for minimum 5 games, and not allowed back until he proves he is ready.
  2. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Eagles defeat Swans by 34

    So in summary #eco :P

    Prediction Richmond can & will win the flag in 2020

    No Graham No Richmond #eco

    Eco 2020 edition

    No Graham #eco
  5. rfctigerarmy

    Eco 2020 edition

    Eco about being #eco
  6. kozi

    Eco 2020 edition

    If we’re being real most of our players are more #eco than us right now.
  7. Punt rd end

    Eco 2020 edition

    I don't want to be #eco
  8. tigs2010

    Eco 2020 edition

    Have only broken 3 phones, a laptop and 4 remotes since the restart. Definite #eco
  9. Damo80

    Eco 2020 edition

    ...low, getting outworked and out numbered, not exerting significant pressure and it's exposing our backline, which is now showing signs of being second rate post-Rance. Probably too early to write us off for good, but the signs aren't good. It's all well and good to say "We were in a hole this...
  10. tigs2010

    Eco 2020 edition

  11. _Wang_

    Eco 2020 edition

    It's been a great 3 years.. Feels normal to be a rabble again #eco
  12. TJASTA

    Preview The who gives a fu** cup. Richmond v St.Kilda

    Welp, Jack Graham is out.... #eco
  13. _Wang_

    Preview The who gives a fu** cup. Richmond v St.Kilda

  14. Lsta062

    Preview The who gives a fu** cup. Richmond v St.Kilda

  15. _Wang_

    Game Day Round 3 vs Hawthorn, 7.40pm

    Time to #eco?
  16. Elmer_Judd

    Game Day Rnd 2 - Carlton v Melbourne Game Day Discussion

    #eco Not going to let these lads upset my mental health and ruin my weekend once again . I am trying to find some laughs, like Norf fans also being mad right now due to their pick swap they did with the Dees last year.
  17. _Wang_

    Game Day Round 2 v Collingwood, 7:40pm

  18. _Wang_

    No Oppo Supporters The TAN 78 - Strictly no politics in here

    Politics sucks to talk amongst friends.. #eco

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