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  1. Elmer_Judd

    NBA Week 6 Thread - I'd rather anything than watch Jordan Poole

    Chicago players definitely have #eco All of em except for Coby White have thrown in the towel in this game. Lavine 2 points lol
  2. The Mighty

    Fixture 2024 Fixture Discussion

    GAGF AFL Already about to #eco
  3. richard parker

    Training Pre Season '24

    Our youngens look bog average We are cooked #eco on day one of pre-season
  4. energyquant

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    ...with Melbourne Uni (which is where Tom went to Uni). It detected a 70% probability that Dusty was just going through the motions, based on his gait and the grimace on his face. Pretty clearly he's #eco and off to join Dimma at the Suns, possibly in a mid-season trade facilitated by AFL HQ.
  5. sante

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    He’s #eco
  6. Ocha905

    Official Match Thread Season 36 Round 13: Coney Island Warriors v Ophidian Old Boys at Van Cortlandt Park

    I wish the board would return to the halcyon days of #eco and Equus liking every post on the opposition banter thread. Hawks are probably second behind the Power on the North hate rankings unfortunately. Although I love the constant presence of DunstallsHelmet on the board and hope for more...
  7. Danog

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency talk Pt 7

    I thought you were #eco
  8. TigerImposter

    Game Day 2023 Jack Dyer Medal Live 7pm

    Even the clubs #eco
  9. A Tiger 4 lyf

    Universal Love Welcome to Richmond Adem Yze

    Thailand such a generic choice to go holiday Even their holidays are #eco Sent from my iPhone using
  10. Mr Experience

    Autopsy You get what you deserve - vs GWS review thread

    Poor fella on 5AA is PHYSICALLY ILL Just go #eco m8, save your sanity
  11. TigerImposter

    Richmond’s next senior coach

    If he’s coach then I’m #eco#eco
  12. Elmer_Judd

    Official Match Thread Season 36 Round 4 - Roys FFC v Las Vegas Bears @ Brunswick Junction Oval

    I sympathise. The last 20 years as a Blue Baggee has been hell on Earth, and 3 months ago I was #eco bur then Camp Curnow happened and we are playing finals for the first time in a decade !
  13. The Mighty

    Roast AFL Bonus to Poach Hardwick

    AFL is corrupt AF. I;m #eco .............. it can all gagf for mine right now. Have no care for finals either. Just dont want Flypies to win.
  14. dank420_

    Preview Round 24 - Essendon Bombers vs Collingwood Magpies - Friday, August 25th - 7:50 pm - MCG

    Very symbolic. Also, how #eco are they :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  15. The Mighty

    Roast Team selections need a bake.

    ...brainless stuff. A chance to exposer kids to RICHMONDs most important day this season in regard to tradtion and culture. MC rewards mediocrity and drops kids who will be in the first 23 next year. Dumbarsery,. How about dropping McIntosh or Pickett or Soldo or Graham you dumb campaigners...
  16. The Mighty

    Player Watch #8: Jack Riewoldt

    ...been spoilt campaigners no doubt about it............... I'm a hot mess Cotchie our great Chimp and now JR8 fmd .............gonna have to #eco after the game. Port gonna have 2 weeks off before they play their first final. Tigers gonna screw them in finals again by taking a VFL team...