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  1. SavDog23

    Discussion Round 18 Discussion (dedicated to Kadog)

    Lol 1856 with Dunkley, Macrae and Marshall to come... Hurn late out makes that 2 donuts this week... Danger C with the cherry on top... #eco
  2. SavDog23

    Discussion Round 18 Discussion (dedicated to Kadog)

    1105/11. Only 10 to play though... C Danger, Telly, Stewart. Gawn, Oliver, Gaff, Hurn. Macrae, Dunkley, Marshall. Slight chance of a 2500 somehow but I know SBS will ream me so I'm getting prepared... #eco
  3. 0

    Preview Fremantle vs Sydney - 6:10pm, Saturday, 20 July, Optus Stadium

    I'm so #eco that I didn't even realise we were playing 3 ruckmen. Wow. Then I realised that I have seen Lobb start in the ruck at multiple centre bounces. What the actual fu** is this club doing.
  4. SavDog23

    Discussion Round 18 Discussion (dedicated to Kadog)

    714/7. Neale, Lloyd, Ryan and Logue tonight. Going okay but still #eco 🌈
  5. SavDog23

    Discussion Round 18 Discussion (dedicated to Kadog)

    150/2. Load of s**t campaigners today... Boak, Chol looped. VC Cripps. Zilliams, Jezza, Grundy. Ryan, Logue, Seagull. Neale. Just don't be s**t basically. #eco
  6. SavDog23

    Discussion Round 18 Discussion (dedicated to Kadog)

    150/2 s**t Don't care though :rainbow: #eco
  7. George

    Preview Round 17, 2019: Geelong v St.Kilda - GMHBA Stadium, Saturday 13th July, 7:25PM AEST *NEWNES' 150TH*

    Only 187 posts this week and it's already Wednesday night. Has to be the most #eco I have ever seen this place. Better stock up on the grog, we're going to need it...
  8. StKing11

    Autopsy Round 16, 2019: North Melbourne v St.Kilda *BILLINGS' 100TH*

    ...year, just floating through games around the flanks. Struggling to see clearly defined roles in the team for either of them, being wasted. After a good start to the year I'm pretty well back to #eco as far as the results go, already starting to look ahead to the draft and hopefully no more Cho..
  9. OES

    Roast The Chronicles of Alan Richardson - Part II - Richo Resigns (16/07)

    I mean it this time. #eco Not eci until we have a new coach. Farewell fellow sufferers :(
  10. SavDog23

    Round 16 Discussion (Dedicated to Nelso)

    Went down 200 spots down to sit at 3024. #eco
  11. SavDog23

    Round 16 Discussion (Dedicated to Nelso)

  12. Righteo

    Game Day Ahh.. what difference a month makes... Derby #50: 6:10 AWST Saturday, Optus Oval

    #eco It's really not worth it
  13. Jonts

    Game Day Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

    First port game I'm missing watching due to work in close to years and not even fussed completely #eco
  14. SunshineTiger


    He is already in Adelaide #eco
  15. TJASTA

    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs St Kilda and changes for Gold Coast

    meh #eco
  16. _Wang_

    Preview 2019 Round 16 Richmond vs Suns. Metricon 6/7 2pm

    I will be there so we are no hope #eco
  17. _Wang_

    Tiger Family World Cup Cricket Chat (Opposition Welcome)

    Meteoric Rise you need to #eco
  18. SufferingS8INT

    Preview Round 15, 2019: St.Kilda v Richmond - Marvel Stadium, Sunday 30th June, 1:10PM AEST *MADDIES MATCH*

    I haven’t watched last weeks game yet but have learned enough on here to realise the saints of 2018 are well and truly back. Poor selection, poor effort and poor skills. I’m #eco. Got married on Friday and off to the Amalfi coast and Lake Como for 10 days.
  19. _Wang_


    Well thanks for that, pencil in the loss next week.. #eco
  20. _Wang_

    Autopsy Roast & toast vs Adelaide and changes for the bye (or St Kilda)

    I'm not gunna lie if we lose to s**t Kilda like tugga says we will, I'm out #eco
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