Usage for hash tag: eco

  1. HunterClarksHeadband

    Game Day Round 22, 2022: St.Kilda v Brisbane

    This ones gonna hurt. Even for all of us who have apparently #eco'd
  2. Infamy

    Preview Round 22 v Hawthorn MCG Sunday 14th August 1.10 - Did Castagna Stay In?

    Could not give one flying f--k #eco
  3. Aphrodite

    MRP / Trib. 2022 - MRO Chook Lotto - Carlton Tribunal News & Reports

    You threw in the towel days ago Elmer. #eco
  4. Elmer_Judd

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    ...of the season, even if we somehow Bradbury our way into the finals, we would just get steamrolled anyway Send the players who need off season surgery to get it already and plan for season 2023 already. Embrace being #eco and start the pragmatic approach of preparing for season 2023 and...
  5. Elmer_Judd

    Game Day Rnd 21 - Carlton v Brisbane Game Day

  6. All Aust

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs Brisbane and changes Port Adelaide

    Not #eco ATM.
  7. energyquant

    List Mgmt. Rebuild or refresh?

    If he's #eco - yes. I love the guy, but he might be done.
  8. _Wang_

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs Brisbane and changes Port Adelaide

    No #eco here What a win
  9. "The Roar Is Back"

    Our success

  10. Tiges1229

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    I think is to do with his dad stuff, just rekon he’s totally #eco and club coming up with the hammy story to keep media at bay etc etc . No way 9 weeks for a slight hammy strain
  11. Frustrated Tiger

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

  12. tugga

    Player Watch #37 Matthew Parker - Returned home to WA effective immediately

    Puled out late for reasons nobody knew and now we know why. He's #eco as well.
  13. HunterClarksHeadband

    Preview Round 20, 2022: St.Kilda v Hawthorn - Marvel Stadium, Saturday 30th July, 4:35PM AEST

    ...I'm definitely nervous for our backline this week. Something about Lewis, Breust, Gunston with Reeves and McEvoy rotating is terrifying while we still don't have Doogs to man the tallest fwd. I thought I was #eco but my melting on the weekend proved otherwise lmao just please win this one Saints
  14. T

    Game Day Round 19, 2022: West Coast v St.Kilda

    I'm much the same. I've just lost all hope that this group will ever win anything #eco
  15. Rubber Hips

    Preview Round 19 v Fremantle Marvel Stadium Friday July 22 7.50 - Make Or Break Part 1

    I try and be #eco but it only is a temporary state of mind too involved…too caught up…because I know we should win games that we easily drop…bloody frustrating I’m feeling good…this game…29 point win…Cumbers 4 snags
  16. SunshineBoy

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    How would we know? #eco
  17. Tiges1229

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    He’s totally #eco
  18. Frustrated Tiger

    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin

    Definitely #eco