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  • G'day mate. I noticed you made the thread for the game day/team scores this last week. I was wondering next week if we could have a seperate thread for each of those topics as its hard to compare my score to others due to the mass amount of posts about the games going on. Just a suggestion and it will make things easier for those on using the board as a resource I feel.

    No problems buddy, will do.

    The board seems to have taken shape a little again. Went off the rails for a week or two, but now looks in pretty good shape. Solid conversation is taking place and the 'newbies' are getting the hint that if they want advice, they have to pull their weight as well.

    Good luck for your future Mod endeavours.
    Well done on the appointment mate. Good effort, well deserved. :thumbsu:

    That blue blends in well with the red, white & blue theme I reckon. ;)
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