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  • Nothing so sinister! iPhone only.

    If I had a laptop I'd be able to take actual notes about what happened. Once when I went on my own I did that and **** me the post afterwards was full of unnecessary details.
    Mate, when I woke up and saw the teamsheet, it was fantastic.

    Did not expect that.

    We'll pay for it at OT, but that competition is over for us, so it was important to concentrate on the CL game.

    Nando should've come off earlier, though.
    Man, I saw you at Sunbury station at about 12 30pm. I was sitting over the other side of the platform going to Woodend. Upson 15 looked quality.
    Faubert is a superstar of the game. There really isn't a player in the world who can match him when he's in full flight. :D :D :D
    O week was last week for us. We start fully this week. Sucks balls.

    Stuff paying, I'd rather buy a few pints with my money thanks.
    This is my last day of freedom pre uni... :(

    And how do I spend it? Getting frustrated at the server is busy messages popping up on BigFooty. A great life.
    Yeah 830...because their schedules are national we get it late. Pretty slack...should have gone but couldn't be stuffed
    Maybe around Christmas. That's a maybe because there's PS3 games I want and then I have to buy a 360, games, an extra HD(I like lots of space) and gold membership.

    We'll see, there's games that I do want on 360 though.
    Dude...the footy is like just starting now over here. Seriously...not a chance hahah
    probably not the best idea davey. if we win our first knockout match, im pretty sure we play Villa in the second round (thats if they win of course)
    cheers mate. always enjoy the banter with you.

    you should be happy with your boys. zola's turned you into top 6 material
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