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  • True enough - My old man supported the dees - l did take out a Melbourne membership once he was drafted :)
    and i bet everyone that's said he's no good has never seen him play. amazing how many armchair draft experts there are on bigfooty.

    he's a gun and easily the best KPP in this years crop. the whole under performing thing has spiralled out of control. according to some he had a "very poor" game when he had 20 touches, 7 grabs (4 contested) and kicked 2 goals.. I fail to see how that's a poor game (especially for a 17 year old key forward with bucketloads of upside).. i just hope for his sake that he has a blinder on wednesday to get the public off his back.
    As far as ive heard Matthew Bates from Boro on a free transfer is close to being done. Good backup I think. We are about to make a bid for yep, Rod Fanni. Right back who was excellent this year in Ligue 1. Would cost 3-5 mill id think. Other than that we are signing a striker from Serie A but dont know who yet. Maybe Balotelli again I think
    I suppose you guys have the server system, H3 is the only game I really play on XBL (Used to play FIFA a fair bit but the host wasn't as bad as that as it only had two people in each game).
    I'm guessing that only happens in Halo 3?

    It's never happened to me on the PS3. The only time a host pulls a game in on COD4 and that's at the start of a game (Which is laggy anyway because it's american servers).
    No such thing as lag on the PS3 :D. Get in now and we can play MAG together HAHAHA.

    Seriously, I'd love to play PS3 against you. So listen to Kerrby :D.

    You're in IT aren't you? Game Design at all?
    I enjoyed the game mate, very free flowing and your players stood up very well - it was a good game to watch only made not great by skill errors on both sides.

    You have a quality side that just needs to learn how to win, maybe a key forward or two, Jack Watts should hopefully turn that around, you'll be surprised how quickly the wheel does turn - no s**t, I think finals next year is not out of the question. Great developing backline.
    Sssshhhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone.;):cool:

    The other bloke to watch is 'white cyril' - Beau Muston - been waiting for 3 years for this guy, he will be pretty awesome in 12 months if the knees hold together.

    Col Sylvia - gem of a bloke, just been waiting for that breakout game, now it's time to back it up. He's a gun.
    Thanks mate!

    I thought the Dees were bloody good today. You guys are far from the worst side in the comp and although it might seem like the best thing for the future, don't tank for draft picks. If you can get 5-6 wins this year, it will have such a positive effect on your current players and they'll lift to cover anyone you would have got with pick 2.

    And Colin Sylvia (I do like his first name), was fantastic today mate. Showed a bit of Hodgey about him which he's been meaning to show for a while. Hope this is his breakout game for you.

    Best of luck!
    Yeah, we were ok. Not great, but servicable.

    I expected a bit more of a contest though. You certainly weren't anywhere near what you're capable of.

    Too many injuries for you lot to cover though.
    lol i do ok i guess
    i thought you had a 360?
    1on1's aren't really my thing and i barely play any games atm but if you do have a ps3 and get it i'll def play a few games with you!
    Yeah man have a look at KPs board, the links on there to a breaks mix should still work fine. I'll be uploading a proper trance mix I made for someone soon, it's pretty sweet if i do say so myself
    Can you believe West Ham? Had the best chances of the game and Chelsea manage to steal a 1 goal win? Bloody frustrating!
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