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  • Don't get me started on Italy! Beating them was almost like a final, just because I love to see them lose. I hate their brand!
    Yes I have Spanish heritage, but they'll always be 2nd to Australia for me. So happy to see them finally put their talent to good use! You're not a sore loser, which is rare on most football sites.

    Well played!
    DM - good to see you wading into the fire-fight, and telling others to lift their game. Well done. Yes, it is 1939, with Darkness over Europe. We are at least two years - if not two decades!!! - away from seeing any sunlight. And on that very topic, I hope you are out of the computer basements yourself and getting some sun. best wishes, Biffinator
    Ahhh Davey, you are far too kind to a hack like me. I always, always read your posts. I am so tired at the moment, what with the job and the kids, I can't think of any crap to write. Send me a PM, and we'll have a real chat.
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