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  • With The old Nole you would of been right - he's changed a lot physically and mentally. It's the commentators job to build drama remember
    Forgot to mention that prior to 'supporting' the Cavs I was a 76s fan because of Allen Iverson so I've grown to dislike the Pistons haha.
    Haha yup, I'm an adopted Michiganite. Only problem is that I was a Bulls 'fan' as a kid because of Jordan obviously and seeing as I got older I lost interest in the NBA until LeBron came around and I jumped on the Cavs bandwagon until he farted on Cleveland and took his talents to south beach. So I decided I'm a Bulls fan again because I like Derrick Rose. Couldn't have picked any worse teams ay... ****ing Chicago and Cleveland lol.

    Got into the MLB this year after playing MLB The Show 11 on PS3 non-stop. As for the NFL I always used to watch the SuperBowls but never really supported a team so last year I thought I may as well get behind the Lions because they are rubbish. Future is extremely bright though. They're on ESPN this Tuesday playing the Chicago Bears and going for 5-0, get on it!
    That thread i made about henderson being a chickenshit when he could of cannoned into Scarlet and the argument i made why at that point our club required that sought of effort, well i watched the exact same scenario from a player that also has been critisised for being a squib at times, develop against sydney. Except he(rielly) smashed into the star oppisition player and set the scene for the rest of the night which the star player(bolton) eventualy saw out on the bench with a collision injury. It was almost as if someone read that thread....and guess what? sydney were on top when it happened, just like geelong were when Henderson squibed......spookily surreal.
    So tell me, is tomic going to be an average tour player who pops up every wimbledon because the surface suits his play as it suits most Australians and very few europeans see it anymore? or is he actualy going to be any good?
    Federer and Andy Murray --- seriously they must be doing some voodoo or something.. year after year ridiculous draws?? wtf??
    It was nothing :D I'm sh*t stirring you because its fun. And you were wide open like Osgood's 5 hole ;)
    Was more referring to you hating me for my whinging at the refs :p everyone does it.

    Also 3-3 ;)
    You post crap on my wall, I'll post crap on yours. Consider us even for the time being.
    are you really that blind? it is pretty clear tambling and symes were vying for the same spot, given tambling is starting on a wing. who else from our foward setup would you squeeze jaensch in for? thought so. so shutup and stop whinging.
    Drummond, I hope your lack of presence on the Adelaide board is only an off-season thing, look forward to your match reports in the season proper.
    Dunno man. Frustrating to say the least. Need to blow up that defence and bring in a second puck mover/scorer like Kaberle.
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