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  • Ahahahahahaha had a good laugh at your avatar. IT'S DIGNITY... Lets see you draw it!

    Oh yeah... that's dignity alright. yep there it is.
    Hmm, can get onto the site in IE but when I type my email into the forgotten password part I get an error. :eek: Hope my account hasn't been deleted.
    Wins and/or losses don't matter at this stage. They have hurt the club; finals time and beyond, you will see the damage.

    I don't condone dangerous acts - I simply understand that these types of acts will always happen. What should not happen is the blatant fibbing – which has embarrassed this football club, and uncomfortably placed a champion person/footballer Scott Burns in a silly position.

    The club should not stop these players from speaking and if they are, it is wrong.

    “So what do you say to them being at the VFL yesterday, H.Shaw inparticularly getting out to the huddles at quarter and three quarter time and giving advice to the young Pies?”

    Big deal!

    “What do you propose they do?”

    Trade Didak and keep the rest.
    If a fair deal does not come up for Didak – keep him – but one more (no matter how big or small) – he is gone!
    gday young fella do you have any other games on dvd I have 6 that I just recently bought from name a game (buckley best games) and was wondering if you want to do a little swapping if have games to offer message me if you would like to wheel and deal
    Cheers Pete
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