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  • Hey mate if it's your birthday than happy birthday and have a good day.
    With the path player things do you just decide who to do ? Mabye have a poll or something but it's great idea anyway :thumbsu: also do a Troy wilson one please. Never saw him play just highlights
    For the record you're still our FB so if you ever feel like dropping a post or two in a match thread.
    Hi mate,

    Trying to do my sponsor thread but can't work out how to insert pictures into the post. Embarassing, can you help?

    Post in the fantasy footy thread damn you. Or at least in the Hawks v wonders thread, make pacemaker look like a fool. Again.


    did you move the mids what do we want thread with the who to draft thread.

    If so why????

    Concepts V particular players are different thread.

    Haha fair point, even you have to admit though that karma sure does work in funny ways :)
    What happened to you fivey? you used to be cool :(

    Them mods have already broken your spirit I tells ya :D
    Hey mate, we crossed paths (nicely) many moons ago. Congrats on the 'dark blue tracksuit etc.
    I'm trying to put my mind at ease and prove we're not struggling with the salary cap.

    Its hard work, considering that I have no idea what I'm doing. With the powers of your detective skills would you like to help? I've found an article that gives stats of roughly how much players are getting paid and the TPP for 2010. Now I'm trying to come up with rough guesses of what our players get.

    PS. How the hell do you find us all on facebook?
    Ive been hanging around waiting for my pick but I have to go to my exam now so I would prefer to take Majak Daw, if he's not taken with the pick before mine (which I'm sure he won't be). If he is, then I'll be back later to do mine.

    Thanks :)
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