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Last Activity:
Aug 22, 2017 at 12:19 AM
Apr 5, 2005
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Jun 5, 1986 (Age: 31)
Jennifer Hawkins' bed
Finance and Business Analyst

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Perth Scorchers - 2013/14 BBL Champions!!, Male, 31, from Jennifer Hawkins' bed

Ljp86 was last seen:
Aug 22, 2017 at 12:19 AM
    1. xenxen
      Hey how are you?
    2. vonn
      Missing your PMs Ljp, will be filling your empty inbox soon! x
    3. xenxen
    4. xenxen
      Don't forget to vote for scooter today. I will later tonight :)
    5. boncer34
      You were a Hawk?
    6. boncer34
      Yeah well I didn't expect/notice this weeks deadline had been changed. I told Peterss to stress the point that games would be simmed earlier so he interpreted that as a change of deadline.

      Next couple of weeks should be as per usual of a Friday.
    7. boncer34
      You missed the deadline buddy. I can go with Axel's team and you get no penalty or I can play yours and you will cop a 3 point penalty.

      I'm presuming you'll take Axel's but I'll wait before I sim it. :D
    8. PowerIStough
      Awesome, cheers :thumbsu:
    9. PowerIStough
      Yeah, sorry about that. But I've got everything sorted now. Yeah, sounds good. Cheers.
    10. PowerIStough
      G'day mate.

      Gumbies have approached me, I've sorted everything out now and I can be active.

      I'm happy to re-join the Shagons.

      Tell us what you think.

    11. Drewsy
      is there room for me at the dragons?
    12. boncer34
      Sorry man totally missed your thread.
    13. boncer34
      We probably should sort WA shit out soon I guess boss.
    14. peterss
      Hey Mate.

      As you have probably seen in the SFA forum....CTT wants out and would like to join the Shagons.....Axel. has stated an interest in joining the Gumbies until atleast the end of the season as a straight swap for CTT......seems a very fair trade for both parties involved......BUt obviously it cant go ahead without the permission of the captains.....We are good with it from the Gumbies end....So its up to you i guess.

      Not sure if Ninty has already contacted you about this but this is just incase he hasnt.


      GG V/C and Recruitment officer.
    15. doggiesin08
      Are you in for captaining WA again?
    16. Axel.
      Hey ljp,
      i've had a name change so could you change the lineup please.

    17. Ninty
      Yes indeed... and I have many times, in my dreams. :p

      Toad is my favourite, I thought it was fitting with my username. :)
    18. boncer34
      Is it possible for you to explain to your recruiter that when he sends out messages to people trying to get them to join the Dragons he probably shouldn't say, "Have you ever considered playing Fantasy Footy" to people that are already in the game. ;) :D
    19. ben.carbonaro
      Yes I am staying away from TLC for a reason and I can't really talk about it but let's just say it has something to do with a university lecturer of mine.

      You still following the netball too?
    20. ben.carbonaro
      Thanks for the message mate, things are going along well albeit quite busy at the end of another year of uni and only more semester to go before everything is finally finished.

      How you going anyway mate?

      What's news?
    21. Zainta
      Hey LJ, the Bombers and the Dee's are having some tournament, and seeing a few people want some pre-season games, I asked Timmy to see if we could get in. I'm just checking if you'd be up for it. So how about it?
    22. doggiesin08
      What are you looking at round 12 for mate:D

      Can I grab you EKA Medal votes. Also if you're looking at the round 12 match for the Shagons B&F I can just send you all the Shagons games.
    23. RoJo Junior
      RoJo Junior
      Hey i have a new suggestion for you to research.... Capri Cavalli :thumbsu: ;)
    24. boncer34
      Meh whenever you get round to it. I'm planning on putting it out Monday/Tuesday. Well Rick's putting it out lol, he wants to write some of it.
    25. boncer34
      I can guarantee you have. Because I play my 100th next week and you started before me not to mention my little "retirement." I actually played my 50th in the winning GF for the Bombers.

      Also LJ as your probably aware I can't let my little milestone pass without something so I currently have 49 Taiwan writers under gun point writing me an article worthy of such an occasion. In any even I'm looking for quotes from established players such as yourself about well me lol. Eg Me as a player, me as a member of the comp etc etc. If you're bored I'd be keen on one from you. :D
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    Jun 5, 1986 (Age: 31)
    Jennifer Hawkins' bed
    Finance and Business Analyst
    AFL Club:
    West Coast
    Cricket: Sheffield Shield:
    Other Teams:
    Indoor Sports WA
    Mel McLaughlin fan

    Football, Cricket, Indoor Cricket, Motorsports, Girls, Beer
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