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  • Hey Russian, just looking for the Bigfooty Medal results for this year - have they not been released yet?

    Cheers, Bubba.
    Mate, could you sticky the Ban - WI and Zim - NZ threads? Especially as they aren't exactly going to attract a big audience and may get lost. Cheers :)
    Did you mean Lachie Hansen? Because I named him and he scored 65 but you put him in as a reserve?

    Shaun McKernan - 48 (for Henderson)

    So as far as I'm aware, I should have 17 points (Hansen's 65 minus McKernan's 48) more points and no warning.
    Hey mate,

    you have me down for a warning for naming Henderson when I actually didn't.....

    He's unselected, just as I posted.
    Hey mate, what's the sup draft in AFLTM?
    Are we able to take extra picks and increase the list without affecting the salary cap?
    Hey Mate

    Any chance my Rottnest Razorback's off-season thread in AFLTM can be changed to Rottnest Razorbacks 2011 Season Thread?
    The gameday board is a bit out of control. How about deleting all those threads that should be on other boards.
    Hey mate,

    Incase my dial up is s**t over the weekend (it will). One of these for my next pick at 23 would be great.

    Jasper McMillan-Pittard
    Ryan Bastinac
    Lewis Jetta

    Sorry mate. I was going by your post around midnight on the 25th and thought trading ended at midnight tonight (going by your 72 hours comment).
    I just checked the rules and you said in the beginning it anded at 6pm :(

    I had a couple of trades for Vickery I would have accepted before the deadline but because I thought I had time up my sleeve I kept going with peterss' trade which we've now agreed to.

    If I keep Vickery I'm $14k over the cap. How do I get under?
    The trade thread is locked. Is trading finished in TM?
    I'm $14k over the tpp and have a deal done for Vickery that'll bring me under. I thought there were a few hours to go?
    Hey Russian, just wondering if there is any sort of prize for finishing (=) 1st on the leaderboard? I could be imagining things but I thought last year there may have been BFSCs going out?
    Would also be interested Russian. Would be good if it was before Brownlow night so we can compare our own votes/expectations.
    just felt like giving you a shoutout, to say that your hard work regarding all the voting type threads that you make certainly don't go unnoticed. they go a long way toward making this forum the country's biggest footy forum, and for gd reason too.
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