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    How Crow Can You Go? An Adelaide Football Club Saga

    Yep.... I totally agree it is risky. The whole trade for both teams is risky. And that their be the beauty of future trading...... hopefully for us the teams aren’t too far apart. Kinda weird to get excited with crows games!!!
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    How Crow Can You Go? An Adelaide Football Club Saga

    No big red. We gave up as things stand pick 2 for stocker (who teams may or may not have had in top 10 ) and a first round pick which as it stands is pick 13. Same pick we got Patrick Cripps from.... It could be a great deal it could be a disaster. We won’t know until all 3 picks have been in...
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    Rumour Bluemour Discussion thread - The sequel - I know what SOS did last Sumner

    House of silvagni is priceless!!!
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    Analysis 2016 List Management Discussion

    Just to set things straight about hawthorns 2008 team, because many people use them as a yard stick. They had 4 players from other clubs. 9 1st rounders (5 from 04-05). 3 2nd rounders 2 3rd rounders 4 rookies. There teams best draft years were 2001 (the super draft) 2004 (3 1st rounders) 2005 (...
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    Bragging Rights Time Capsule

    Our forward line will be the big improver from last season ( I know not hard right) but it will be talked about as a fast moving mobile forward line.
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    Preview Training reports, pics, training discussion, mustachioed 80s heartthrobs

    Yep I agree about Rowe. I remember watching Thornton getting rag dolled by bigger forwards when he was our only tall defender at 20 yrs old. Rowe and Jamison are there to protect the the younger guys.
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    List Mgmt. 2015 LIST Discussion - trades, free agency etc

    Should make him play in the vfl.

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